Senso aka Olivier Sens

Electronic Music, Doublebass

Olivier Sens, en version française

6 years old when he began to learn music at the piano, it wasn’t until the age of 18 that he chose the doublebass. Dave HOLLAND, Palle DANIELSON, and Bernard CAZAURAN were his mentors.

Discovered in 1992 by Henri TEXIER, together they worked on several training programs. He has played with, Malo VALOIS, Aldo ROMANO, Daniel HUMAIR, Louis SCAVIS, Michel PORTAL, Richard GALIANO, Stéphane GRAPELLI, Philip HARPER, Gary BARTZ, Antonio HART, Garry THOMAS, Rich PERRY, Chris POTER, Jon GORDON,Bojan Z,etc.

In parallel he has been developping his activites in electronic music, after having followed specific study courses, he developed his own and original computer program called “Usine” which is used to manipulate treatments in sound. Using this program alongside the doublebass and electronics in solo performances.

Quartz performance solo

Duo with Juanjo Mosalini

Duo with Juanjo Mosalini

MCK Projekt

Project with Maciek LASSERRE Soprano, Chander SARDJOE Drums, Steve LEHMAN Alto saxophone, Ablaye M’BAYE voice, DABRAINS voice.

Current projects

Currently Olivier Sens takes part in many projects, among which Reverse with Guillaume Orti, Mystic chords off Scriabin, remixes with Georges Pludermacher, Exit, Talking Blues with Enzo Cormann, Jean-Marc Padovani, Laws with Herve Birolini, Un si petit espace au creux du temps and Cubing with the choreograph Dominique Jégou, XY interaction with Marco Marini, Big Sea Band of Isabelle Olivier, l’homme Sampler of the company Singular, MDK Projekt of Maciek LASSERRE, l’homme Avion of Vincent Courtois and Zé Jam.

Rever se

  • Olivier Sens(computer)
  • Guillaume Orti (sax)

For a few years now, Olivier Sens and Guillaume Orti have been putting their thoughts together. One of them develops his own software while the other one merge special techniques. Their repertory is made up of a series of pieces, each of which implies a specific mode of interaction between an acoustical source (saxophone) and electronic treatment (computer). It’s a means that leads the duo down the meandering path of free improvisation, compositional synopsis and electro ambiance. The computer, given listening elements, often acts by itself. The ensemble produces a sound where acoustical and electronic elements mix and complement each other. We’re not talking about electro-acoustical music in the contemporary sense, or electronic music in the modern sense, but a hybrid object combining these two worlds. Not severe and not simple, this music appears as a possible synthesis of opposite worlds.

Mixed by Gilles Olivesi