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Hi my pseudo is fox, im 2d/3d cg artist. I mainly work as freelance for various post-prod studios in paris like Sabotage, Digital District, Nightshift or Mecanique Générale. I follow from a while french director Edouard Salier and No Brain collective. But Im with the underground and try to be activist in the free tekno / Psy trance galaxy i come from, ie currently trying to make cool stuff for Symbiose festival. I spent my free time to write/play live/mix psytrance, drum’n’Bass or various electronica (Usine custom made patchs and Ableton Live), and tweak Vj/Video mapping and audio-video interactions/syncs (Us+Resolume or Elektronika). Sadly i often have too much ‘real work’ for the ad devil :( … So not even found time for demo-reel sorry.. but if interested can find some links to stuff i worked on below. See ya on DF shit music around here^^


Fete des Lumiere Lyon 2010 - Eglise St-Nizier Video Mapping Citroen salon de l'auto 2010 - 360 degrees stand
Peugeot Bruxelles 2012 - Video Mapping Smirnoff - The Bloodline - (commercial) - 3D
Nike - Mercurial- (commercial) - 3D Numericable - Flux- (commercial) - 3D
Azzaro - Twin - (commercial) - 2D/3D Samsung - Chronos- (commercial) - 3D
Samsung - Slate - (commercial) - 3D Peugeot - Peug'optimist- (commercial) - 3D
- Doodles- (commercial) - 2D/3D Absolut vodka - Lomo- (commercial) - 2D/3D Cg
Jehro - I want love - (Clip) - 2D/3D Cg Shiny Toy Guns- The Disko - (Clip) - 3D
Orishas - Haey on son - (Clip) - 2D/3D Air - Life is her football - (Clip) - 3D
Justice - Civilisation - (Clip) - 3D Louis Bertignac - 22m² - (Clip) - 3D
Olivia Ruiz - Belle à en crever - (Clip) - 3D David Keta - Without you - (Clip) - 3D
Pete Yorn - For us - (Clip) - 3D Raphael Saadik - Let's take a walk - (Clip) - 3D animatic
Cassius - Toop toop - (Clip) - 2D/3D Cg Inspire - Pierre Ducos - (Short) - 2D/3D Cg
Four - Edouard Salier - (Short) - 2D/3D supervisor and cg S.I.T.E - Pablo Orlowsky - (Short) - 2D/3D
Faces - Hendrick Dussolier - (Short) - figuring 3D Cg Flesh - Edouard Salier - (Short) - 3D
7 tonnes 2 - Nicolas Deveaux - (Short) - sound design Enter the void - Gaspard Noe - (Movie) - 2D/3D/SFX researchs
Loop -2004 study short-(Director,3D,compositing,sound)



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