Inspired by the Monome appz named Tessel by sleepersecond, Re-Tessel is a Launchpad patch with 3 MIDI sequences and 4 audio sequences (samples players). Each sequence is played alternatively and you can create a kind of mash-up on it by selecting different end point. A better way to explain is to watch a video example:

Video demo:

Launchpad use

  • 1_The up round buttons change presets
  • 2_The first row sends bus on/off to FXs (Usine patches or Plug-ins).
  • 3_Then 3 rows for MIDI sequences
  • 4_Rows (4) for samplers.
  • 4_On the right, the round buttons column randomizes its respective sequence.

Help window

The ? opens an option panel for MIDI and samplers settings.


  • Root and scale for MIDI sequences
  • minimum and maximum notes to use for the MIDI sequences
  • Length of the MIDI notes
  • Sequence speed
  • open the play list for each samplers
  • gain for each sampler