Inspired by the Monome appz named Tessel by sleepersecond, Midi-Tessel is a Launchpad patch with 7 MIDI sequences. Each sequence have its own MIDI channel, you can sets start and end for each sequence, add FX’s and more. A better way to explain is to watch a video example:

Video demo:


Launchpad use

To use this patch you’ll need to activate your Launchpad as MIDI input and output devices in the setup/midi tab, then add these devices in the input and output panels of your rack.Then you can press the space bar to initialize the launchpad.

Here the different functions on the launchpad:

When you want to create a short sequence, press the start pad first, then the end pad.

midi channel

Chooses here the MIDI channel for each sequence.


Sets the synchro of your sequence. You can have 3 different synchro for all sequences.

use FX's

The first row activate buses and to use them, you simply have to drag their respective binds over a ON switch.

You can also drag this bind on a Dry/wet knob (Example with the filter patch in the MIDI Tessel Demo workspace)


This icon opens a settings panel.

  • Main Root and scale for MIDI sequences.
  • Length of the MIDI notes.
  • Current pitch.
  • Increment/decrement pitch value used by the transpose button on the launchpad.