Release notes



  • [Report #187] Listbox - When opened Centered on Last Selected
  • [Report #190] internal Msg Module work in subpatch
  • [Report #198] Flag MIDI input ports with MIDI LEARN on or off

fixed bugs

  • [Report #173] XY Pad Preset Manager Bug
  • [Report #175] wires from script outlets not pasting in sub patch
  • [Report #176] In the panner, some speaker-parameters are not saved
  • [Report #185] Matrix - Hiding Header causes Enable icon to be hidden under top right cell
  • [Report #195] MIDI control of top level patch on/off
  • [Report #196] Bad routing of signal in matrix midi 8×8
  • [Report #197] Many stuck notes


fixed bugs

  • various details in the preset list of racks in the Grid
  • various GUI details in the surround panner
  • various audio driver initialization issues fixed


  • [Report #150] sequenced steps missing ‘precision’ pin


fixed bugs

  • hard crash on quantized lines in the Grid
  • [Report #146] various midi issues


fixed bugs

  • all hard freezes during OSC communications solved.
  • Panic, Midi Update midi/key learns was not saved properly
  • recall preset affects the position of the step & array module



  • The additional audio input can now also receive Midi

fixed bugs

  • inverse remote option not active on binds
  • random mode doesn’t work when synchro is 2 bars,4 bars, etc. on the sampler modules
  • [Report #129] Issues on apply poly in sub-patches
  • [Report #122] Array input mode doesn’t work properly in the surround panner
  • [Report #121] Undo on a patch can disable drag & drop
  • [Report #119] PM rack activation recall trouble
  • [Report #118 120 123 124] Various ASIO sound card troubles
  • speakers positions and captions are not saved properly in the Surround panner
  • Rack not saved properly



fixed bugs

  • compatibility with 32integer wave files
  • help hints on browser deactivated (gives a better response)
  • resizing grid elements doesn’t work properly when the scroller is not at the top


  • a new global ergonomics and design
  • a new powerful help system
  • the audio engine is much more efficient
  • global speed optimization more than 20% on heavy workspaces
  • loading of patches and workspaces is 2x faster
  • saving of patches and workspaces is 10x faster
  • more stable than ever

Many other improvements, and bug fixed


improvements, optimizations and bugs fixed


  • global speed optimization up to 20% on heavy workspaces
  • pre-listen samples on samplers files list (as [dbl click] on the file name)
  • new shift, alt, ctrl outlets in the Mouse module
  • new comma text outlet Preset Manager to get the presets names list


Many improvements, optimizations and bugs fixed Usine is more efficient, stable than ever


  • new on-line chat panel Chat Panel
  • overall optimization on the audio engine, and many modules
  • global memory optimization

fixed bugs

  • all reported bugs fixed


Must be downoladed if you use the grid.


  • the playlist is now integrated on the start page
  • improvements off all drag & drop operations
  • new Array Difference module
  • new Array Delete module
  • off-line manual updated

fixed bugs

  • various grid issues
  • export patch command now works
  • the matrix module now support mono-touch interactions



  • support of MACOSX 10.9 (Mavericks) improved
  • improvements off grid element: integrated FadeIn FadeOut
  • improvement of the network communication for shared patches

fixed bugs

  • [Report #63] Usine freezes when changing audio device on OSX 10.9
  • [Report #61] Crash on startup with bloc size 256



  • full support of MACOSX 10.9 (Mavericks)
  • improvements in the Surround panner
  • updated off-line manual



fixed bugs

  • important memory crash on store/recall preset of plug-ins.
  • [Report #9] on plug-ins module, ‘params’ and ‘params names’ deosn’t update when changing preset
  • [Report #31] on plug-ins module, param value in setting panel deosn’t update when manipulated by patch
  • plug-ins module, in some case, bypass produces noise
  • various details in the Ramp module
  • mapping curves doesn’t work properly on binds
  • [Report #39] buttons and commands colors of the preset manager


fixed bugs

  • [Report #22] aftertouch in midi out problem
  • [Report #25] Busses not recieved after poly change
  • [Report #27] Pre/post not saved
  • [Report #28] various automation button issues in the grid
  • Pad Kontrol library patch updated
  • Zero Crossing doesn’t work properly on MACOSX


fixed bugs

  • .aiff files wasn’t supported (previously only .aif)
  • [Report #15] Direct to Disk no longer works for input devices
  • [Report #11] Various minor visibility issues in inputs of rack


fixed bugs

  • various issues on save/recall presets
  • bad calculation of the length in the sampler module.



  • improved audio quality of the Granulator
  • added frame bitmaps for faders, knobs and comboboxes
  • on mac, in the browser, plug-ins now have the format (-au or -vst) in their name
  • integrated OFF line manual.

fixed bugs

  • [Report #0] Clear the rack does not clear the rack
  • [Report #1] When adding a data inlet to a subpatch out connexions are not shifted
  • [Report #3] Get buses list doesn’t work
  • [Report #5] Commatext not received in Poly



fixed bugs

  • Stability improved in very hi CPU situations
  • [Report #272] Switch transparency not saved with the WKP
  • [Report #273] Various incoming MIDI SysEx problems
  • Range Fader is not loaded properly
  • Nvidia video cards flicker issues solved
  • Various Channel AfterTouch issues fixed in the Pianoroll
  • Plug-ins effects (not identified as instruments) wasn’t receiving midi events


  • Better timing accuracy in the Grid
  • New out reject outlet in the Midi Multi Filter module
  • The Gate library patch doesn’t work properly
  • Various patches undo/redo issues solved
  • Few Graphic issues in the interface fixed


  • [Report #259] Browser Search Doesnt Always Update Results
  • [Report #258] Grainsampler crackles when speed fader is changed
  • [Report #255] Data mapper array outlet show in the inlets side
  • [Report #254] Trouble when editing the mapper data array
  • [Report #249] Png’s filenames trim.
  • [Report #250] FastScript Open Interface - Unable to Specify .fastscript
  • [Report #247] Oscillator level not updated
  • [Query #244] Cannot zoom a Popup
  • [Report #234] Hazardous recall off range faders presets
  • [Report #229] Buses cant send commatext


  • new fast script module up to 10x faster see Fastscript Compatibility notes.
  • improved performances, optimized audio engine.
  • SysEx implemented.
  • NO AUDIO mode implemented to run Usine without sound card.
  • new HID Device module.
  • Send to MIDI LAN option can be set individually for each MIDI device.


  • [Report #170] the Direct To Disk panel is not resized properly


  • [MACOSX] the main menu Quit doesn’t work properly
  • in the pianoroll, some midi notes can be played in a wrong order


  • important crashes can occur on apply polyphony for big sub-patches


  • some inlets/outlets are missing in the French version


  • New Racks layout as columns
  • Option in the setup to have Patches, Grid, etc in a floating window for multi monitors
  • Pianoroll, Scripts, Browser windows resizeable
  • Racks panels can be minimized.
  • Scrollbar in Interface Builder
  • User curves in Sample player module
  • various improvement in the Physics engine
  • the Preset Panel contains 32 presets.
  • wrong infos in the trace when rescan for changes
  • plugins now compatible at patch/wkp level (win32, win64, osx32 and VST, AU)
  • on MAC, VST plugins windows didn’t pass keyboard events to usine
  • optimization of midi event flow (midi inputs and all note off)
  • check if plugin window coordinates are in visible monitors area when load a wkp/pat (fall back to default if not)
  • hard coded absolute path in pat/wkp files prevented to retrieve the plug after usine upgrade
  • [Report #119] PluginLister : shell plugins not shown in the browser
  • [Report #102] “Display or Set Array” module missing Inputs for the MinVal and MaxVal
  • [Report #106] preset manager memory lost when “num” is modulated
  • [Report #118] Pointer detection when dragging to the trash bin on small resolution screens
  • [Report #70] PluginWrapper : close button of the plugin window wasn’t working properly
  • [Report #65] DeviceAudio : sample rate setting wasn’t working correctly
  • [Report #58] PluginWrapper : some preset change made all params inlets visible in the module
  • [Report #129] Key command triggered from script window
  • [Report #124] Various Copy/Paste errors in the patching window
  • [Report #147 #149 #150] Various buses issues in sub-patches
  • [Report #148] The sub-patch caption can disappear after apply polyphony
  • [Report #144] Workspace Preset Manager not storing


  • Undo Doesn’t work in the PianoRoll
  • [Report #70] All VST GUIs open every time a workspace is loaded.
  • [Report #76] Piano roll record glitch
  • [Report #91] Synchro settings and MIDI learn not saved properly
  • [Report #92] The waveform is not updated when recording in the sampler module


  • Improvement of graphic performances
  • [Report #56] Possible crashes at startup on WIN Vista
  • [Report #66] Resizing in tool box is really very slow
  • [Report #64] Protect string is not disabled during text editing
  • [Report #62] Wrong position of handles when global zoom is not set to 1


  • The Interface Builder mode is reintroduced.
  • Overall performances improved.
  • Graphic Hardware Acceleration effective (improves performances by at least 50% on Windows if your graphic device support it).
  • Various hard crash bugs in the patching window.
  • Sometime the splash-screen disappears on rescan plug-ins.
  • Copy/paste on Sub-patches doesn’t work.
  • Key learns dont work on Plug-ins windows.
  • GotoMarker improvement in then Sample Player. New option to set the start/end position automatically.
  • Various issues on rename Bind buses.
  • Character sets (accents) issues when loading.
  • [Report #19] Sometime the Console crashes when displaying lots of messages.
  • [Report #20] Console focus always on top
  • [Report #17] folders cannot be selected on tablet, in touch mode
  • [Report #13] an option ‘linked to main ON/OFF’ has been created in the Master Master Synchro
  • [Report #21] the number of audio in/outputs is no longer limited to 32
  • [Report #25#27] MACOSX some sound card are not recognized.
  • [Report #18#27] MACOSX various issues on plug-ins scan
  • Delete Rack and Delete Patch commands don’t work
  • Various corrections and improvement in patch sharing
  • The Direct to disk doesn’t work properly on 64bit version
  • Various issues on controls resize manipulations (on the grips).
  • The “real” type missing in scripts, reintroduced.
  • Transition effect on show windows disabled.
  • [Ctrl+F] shortcut for Fullscreen (WIN only)
  • Plug-ins now display their real values for parameters.
  • Various improvement and debug in the plug-in scanner.
  • Shortcuts are now active when plug-ins windows are in front Usine.
  • Sometime Usine crashes at startup if the wifi is disabled (MACOSX).
  • Improvements conversion of old patches.
  • [Report #21] Copy/paste a Piano Roll with content to another Patch creates a broken Piano Roll.
  • [Report #15] Save when quitting asked two times.


  • first public release
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