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Comparison chart

Usine Hollyhock StandAlone. Free version Pro version
Number of Racks 4 unlimited
Network, OSC, patch sharing no yes
Protected mode no yes
Record (direct to disk) no yes
Playlist no yes
Chat panel no yes

Usine Pro

Usine Pro is the ultimate Digital Audio Workstation made for live or studio utilizations. Usine Pro was created out of the need for a flexible software solution for spontaneous electronic music creation, including live sampling, effect processing, and sound design. Usine provides the user with the ability to host VSTs, process and route audio and midi, and design personalized virtual control interfaces.

Usine Free

Usine Free is fully functional but limited. It can be used to learn more about the Usine’s concept, but unfortunately not in a professional situation.

Usine Stage

Usine Stage a perfect introduction to Usine Hollyhock world and will let you create complete sets for composition or live situation

Usine stage is a part of the previous version of Usine Hollyhock , named Usine pro 5 Generally , we offer this Stage version to people from developing countries who ask for it by mail, but for some weeks we decide to offer it for free for anyone.

Main Usine stage specifications :

  • 16 in/ 16 outs
  • Unlimited midi devices
  • 8 tracks
  • 8 patches per tracks
  • 2 auxiliary buses
  • 2 master tracks
  • Osc implementation
  • Conductor to memorize scenes
  • Windows 32 only

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