Multi surround patch with 1 or 2 inputs to up to 8 outputs.



Locks/unlocks the speakers position.


  • simple: simple static sources positions.
  • random: source positions are set randomly.
  • physics: source positions are set by the physics engine.
  • lfo: sources positions are set by a circular lfo.

num of inputs

Number of audio inputs.

num of speakers

Sets the number of speakers.

Maximum depends of the choice used in the query window when you create the module for the first time. Use the recreate button in the contextual-menu if you need more speakers.


The area is approximately equal to the surface of the dispersion of the sound in the acoustic space.

LFO Settings

LFO freq

Oscillator frequency.

LFO type

Oscillator type: sinus, triangle, rectangle, etc.

LFO distance

Distance between sources from -1 (oposite) to 0 (same position).

LFO inverse

Inverses the LFO direction.

Random Settings

random speed

Speed of the random engine.

Physics Settings

Physics speed

Speed of the physics engine.

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version 3.0.178

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