PATCH RECORD Audio Grain Sampler

Grain Sampler with record function.

See audio-sampler-recorder-grain module for parameters details



Starts the sample playback.


Pauses the sample playback.

play loop

Plays the sample in loop mode until you stop it.


Plays the sample in reverse mode.


Starts the recording.

clear rec

Clears the current recording.

save name

Saves the recorded sound on the hard disk, but asks the user for a file name. The saved file is automatically added to the file list.


Pitch transposition value (in half-tone).


Speed percent of the original.

  • 100% means no speed modification.
  • 50% half speed.
  • 0% stopped...

grain size

Grain size (duration) in ms. For small sizes, you obtain a good time resolution but it creates audio artifact's. For normal utilization set it to 30-50 ms.

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version 3.0.178

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