PATCH Mogger Tremolo

Tremolo effect in the Moogerfooger style. See



Amount of processed signal. Sets the ratio of dry (signal as input) to wet (effected) signal.


Randomizes all the parameters.


Sweeps between modulation wave-shapes. The LFO has 6 different waveforms, triangle, sine, square, sawtooth, sawtooth inverse and random. And you can adjust to create a mix of sine and square or sawtooth and random.


Sets the overall Tremolo rate. The rate can be link to synthesizer's LFO or DAW Tempo.


Sets the depth of the Tremolo, from subtle to full.


This control affects the Tremolo signal only leaving the dry signal untouched. It's a Moog Low Pass Filter. You can link the Tone to the synthesizer, at different octave range (see on settings)


You can add drive to the input signal with to type of wave-shaper, from subtle crunch to hard distortion.


Adjusts the phase between left and right LFOs to increase the stereo effect. At minimum, LFOs modulate in phase, at maximum, LFOs are out of phase.

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version 3.0.178

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