PATCH Mogger Super Delay

Moogerfooger Super Delay emulation. See

Stereo Delay with LFO modulation.



Amount of processed signal. Sets the ratio of dry (signal as input) to wet (effected) signal.


Randomizes all the parameters.


Useful to clear instantly the delay buffer.

Delay Section

Delay Time

Sets the length of delay. The Delay Time can be linked to the DAW's Tempo. (see Super Delay settings)

Short/Long switches(Delay Range)

Switch setting. In short mode, with amount set to 0, the delay time changes from approximately 50 ms to 600 ms nominal. In long mode the available span is from approximately 100 ms to 1200 ms nominal.

The Delay time is modulated via the LFO to create various effects. The short setting will yield a higher frequency response for the same delay time as long. Switching from short to long will reduce the sound in the “feedback loop” one octave, while switching the other direction will double the pitch and time of the loop sound.


Sets the amount of Delay Line output fed back into the input. The feedback is variable from off, slapback or single repeats, to continuous repeats. With high feedback, it provides for self-oscillation and swelling delay sounds.

LFO Section


Selects the LFO waveform for modulation of the Delay Time. There are six waveforms available: Sine, Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Sawtooth Reverse and Random Stepped waveforms. No modulation will be heard with the LFO amount set to zero.


Sets the frequency of modulation of the Delay Line by the LFO. The rate can be varied from .05 Hz to about 50 Hz. The rate can be linked to the synthesizer LFO. (see Super Delay settings)


Sets the overall amount of modulation of the Delay Line by the LFO.


You can add drive to the input signal with to type of wave-shaper, from subtle crunch to hard distortion.


Adjusts the phase between left and right LFOs to increase the stereo effect. At minimum, LFOs modulate in phase, at maximum, LFOs are out of phase.

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