PATCH Mogger Low Pass Filter

Moogerfooger Low-Pass Filter emulation. See

Stereo filter modulated by an an envelop follower.



You can add drive to the input signal with to type of wave-shaper, from subtle crunch to hard distortion.

More Drive

Add a subsequent amount of drive.


Randomizes all the parameters.


Amount of processed signal. Sets the ratio of dry (signal as input) to wet (effected) signal.

Filter section


Opens and closes the filter. It can be linked to the synthesizer, at different octave range (see on settings)


Changes the way the filter sounds. Or, in technical words, it changes the shape of the frequency response. When Resonance is near 0 the low overtones come through evenly. When Resonance is turned up to around 7, the overtones near cutoff will be boosted, creating a whistle-like or vowel-like quality. When Resonance is above 8, the filter actually produces its own tone at the cutoff frequency.

2-Pole 4-Pole

Filter type.

2-Pole has a bright sound, while 4-Pole has a deeper, mellow quality.

Envelop Follower section


Determines how much the envelope signal is used to open and close the filter. When the knob is counterclockwise, the envelope signal has no effect on the filter. When the knob is clockwise, the envelope signal opens and closes the filter as much as five octaves.


Determine whether or not the envelope signal is smoothed out.

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