PATCH Mogger Fooger Matrix

The MoogerFooger patches provid several emulations of MoogerFooger Pedals, all made with Usine Modules. See

The PolyMiniMogg's audio buses can be replace by audio inputs if you want to use this patch in another workspace.


Matrix Section

The Audio Matrix allows you to create complex routings from the synthesizer to the Fxs. On X Axis, you have the inputs. On Y Axis, the outputs. You can see three outputs from the synthesizer, the bass and the L and R of the Stereo. It allows you to make different routing for lower side and the upper side of the keyboard : the keyboard-split is define in the PolyMinoMoog Settings (see above).

The Mogger Fooger is composed of 6 FX's patches:

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version 3.0.178

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