PATCH MIDI Step Sequencer Melody

Ultimate MIDI step sequencer adapted to melodic or bass lines. The line can be played in forward, reverse or random mode and can be triggered step by step, with a beat detector or synchronized.

This patch only generates MIDI notes and must be connected to a audio-sampler-midi, a Bank or a AU/VST instrument.



Determines the playing order of steps:

  • forward,
  • backward,
  • random.


  • step by step, steps are triggered with the next step button,
  • beat follower, steps are triggered by an external audio source with a beat detector
  • bar,beat,8th, steps are played synchronized according the slected speed.

polyphonic, monophonic

Determines if the MIDI output is mono or polyphonic.


Swing value from 0% binary to 100% ternary.


Harmonic scale. Force the output to be in the scale.

See your favorite Harmony handbook.

  • chromatic
  • major
  • minor
  • whole tone
  • diminished
  • augmented
  • minor harmo
  • minor melodic
  • major harmo
  • messiaen limited M2
  • messiaen limited M3
  • messiaen limited M4
  • messiaen limited M5
  • messiaen limited M6
  • messiaen limited M7

for user scale see bellow.


Root of the harmonic scale.


Pitch transposition value (in half-tone).

add octave up

When ON, all odd steps (1,3,5,etc.) are played an octave higher.


Sets the probability of the steps are played.

  • 1 : all steps are played,
  • 0.5 : steps are played with a probability of 50%,
  • 0 : no steps are played.

next step

Go to the next step.

Only if speed=step by step


MIDI channel of output MIDI messages.


Sends an ALL NOTES OFF MIDI message to the output.

beat follower

Beat follower options, see audio-analysis-beat-follower-threshold for settings.

Only if speed=beat follower

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version 3.0.178

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