PATCH MIDI Step Sequencer Groove

Ultimate MIDI step sequencer adapted to drums patterns with various live breaks options.

This patch only generates MIDI notes and must be connected to a audio-sampler-midi, a Bank or a AU/VST instrument.



Synchronization options which determines the whay the object is triggered, or the sequence is played.

Generally the following options are available:

  • button: when the button play receives a 1 trigger,
  • interval: according the interval fader,
  • duration: according the duration fader,
  • loop: the sequence is played in a loop mode,
  • cycle: each beginning cycle,
  • bar: each beginning bar,
  • beat: each beat,
  • 8th: each 1/8th,
  • etc.

nb bars

Length, in number of bars, of sequence.


Swing value from 0% binary to 100% ternary.


Mutes the current line.


Solo's the current line.


Velolity coefficient applied to the current line.


Durration of MIDI notes factor, from short to long notes.


MIDI channel of output MIDI messages.

Live settings

  • reverse, plays the sequence in reverse mode,
  • random, plays the sequence in random order,
  • double, trigg steps two times in half speed,
  • freez, freezes the sequencer at a step position,
  • break rand, plays the sequence in random order with a different speed,
  • break, creates a break variation of different length and speed,
  • range, plays only a selected range in the sequence,

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