PATCH MIDI Randomator

Generates random MIDI notes following a random-law-generator and several MIDI parameters.



MIDI notes density.


Synchronization options which determines the whay the object is triggered, or the sequence is played.

Generally the following options are available:

  • button: when the button play receives a 1 trigger,
  • interval: according the interval fader,
  • duration: according the duration fader,
  • loop: the sequence is played in a loop mode,
  • cycle: each beginning cycle,
  • bar: each beginning bar,
  • beat: each beat,
  • 8th: each 1/8th,
  • etc.

random law

Generates a random number according to the user’s drawn distribution law.

note range

Selects minimum and maximum MIDI note.

velocity range

Selects minimum and maximum MIDI note.


Duration of the MIDI note ON message (in ms). Creates a MIDI NOTE OFF message to stop the note.

Set 0 for infinite length.


Delay value in ms.


Amount of feedback.


Harmonic scale. Force the output to be in the scale.

See your favorite Harmony handbook.

  • chromatic
  • major
  • minor
  • whole tone
  • diminished
  • augmented
  • minor harmo
  • minor melodic
  • major harmo
  • messiaen limited M2
  • messiaen limited M3
  • messiaen limited M4
  • messiaen limited M5
  • messiaen limited M6
  • messiaen limited M7


Root of the harmonic scale.


MIDI channel of output MIDI messages.


Sends an ALL NOTES OFF MIDI message to the output.

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