Start Page Panel

Start page welcomes you at the launching of Usine. On this page you can easily open your recent workspaces, some ready made templates (that you can customize yourself), some demos, playlist, etc.

Click on the picture of a workspace to open it.


Displays the most recents workspaces opened in Usine.

This area will not be present at the first-launch of Usine.

Drag&Drop items on trash-bin to remove them from the recents list.


This section contains demo workspaces available to inspire and help you to explore Usine’s endless-possibilities.

Menu icons

  1. Loads a new empty workspace with only one empty rack.
  2. Opens an existing Workspace
  3. Opens your web browser and lauch the Usine forum.
  4. Opens your web browser and lauch the download page to get the latest versions, manuals, sdk.

Change background pictures

To display personal pictures on the start page background just add pictures in the /Config/Startpage images/ folder.

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