Light Direct ArtNet Array

Provides a direct access to Artnet output array of plot panels and unlike the direct-dmx-array, with a specific node, sub-net, universe numbers.


array in

Artnet values. In ArtNet-DMX protocol the max size of the array is 512 values.

the range of input values can be [0..1] or [0..255] according the input range setting.

input range

Sets the range on the input

  • in 0..1: the input must be in the range [0..1]. (Each value is multiplied by 255 before be sent to ArtNet output).
  • in 0..255: the input must be in the range [0..255].

node num

Target ArtNet node number.

sub-net num

Target ArtNet sub-net number.

universe num

Target ArtNet universe number.

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version 3.0.178

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