Templates Engine

This chapter is only for advanced users, and only if you want to create/modify patches dynamically.

You can create and add personal templates in the /Config/Templates/ folder.


In the Resources/Templates folder, you will find default patch files used in Usine. You can modify, adapt those files to your needs.

Create Templates

Usine includes a powerful Templates Engine. To manipulate and create you own templates you have to understand how work’s the internalmessages describes bellow.

To have an idea of how it works, start to open the Usine console-panel by double clicking on the trace-panel.

Then open a patch and drag&drop a file.

You will see several lines added in the console, something like

SET_VAR patch SENDER_PATCH = noname
SET_VAR integer MOUSE_X = 150
SET_VAR integer MOUSE_Y = 189
SET_VAR integer ON_WIRE = 0
SET_VAR String DROP_FILENAME = /Applications/Usine Pro MacOSX upd10 1.2.014.app/Usine Library/Audio FX/Delays/Delay.pat

If you now try to create a wire on the patch, you will see in the console :

SET_VAR integer MOUSE_X = 233
SET_VAR integer MOUSE_Y = 432
SET_VAR patch SENDER_PATCH = /Applications/Usine Pro MacOSX upd10 1.2.014.app/Usine Library/Audio FX/Delays/Delay.pat
SET_VAR integer SRC_TERM_NUM = 1
SET_VAR integer ON_WIRE = 0

Those values are interpreted by the template engine to offer several choices to user after a wire creation or what to do with a dropped file.

In the folder Templates you will find lots of examples (files *.txt) that you can easily adapt to you own purpose like

Horizontal Fader    the name displayed
*      extension of dropped files ('wav', 'usr', etc...)
1      input or output? none=0,in=1,out=2
3      terminal flowtype (see bellow)
1 5 6  terminal display flowtype (see bellow)
*      terminal name can be '*' or "any string"
1      are dropping something on a wire? 0=no, 1=yes
xxx    source module ID filter.  1 or blank if no filter 

SET_VALUE fader1 fader SRC_VALUE
SET_VALUE fader1 min SRC_MIN
SET_VALUE fader1 max SRC_MAX
SET_VALUE fader1 scale SRC_SCALE

Flow Type

The terminal flowtype can have the following values:

  • None=0,
  • Audio=1,
  • InternText=2,
  • Data=3,
  • MIDI=4,
  • Array=5,
  • User=6,
  • FlowText=7,
  • PointerBitMap=8,
  • Bitwise=9,
  • Matrix=10,
  • Pointer=11,
  • Color=12

Display FlowType

The terminal display flowtype can have the following values:

  • Text=0,
  • gain fader=1,
  • select Dir=2,
  • switch=3,
  • Button=4,
  • Data Integer=5,
  • Data Float=6,
  • Color=7,
  • ListBox=8,
  • Array=8,
  • IpAddress=9,
  • Smpte position=10,
  • FileName=11,
  • MIDINote=12,
  • Hexadecimal=13,
  • Trigger=14

Internal Messages Language (IML)

Since the v4.1 Usine provides a powerful internal language to create patch dynamically.

The background idea is very simple: you send messages to the internal messages manager by several ways:

Of course, commands can be sent over the network with OSC modules.

Global variables


Contains the patch designed as the target patch, in other word it’s the patch that executes the commands.


Contains the patch which actually sending the messages. This variable is automatically set by Usine.


Contains the current X coordinate of the mouse. This variable is automatically set by Usine.


Contains the current Y coordinate of the mouse. This variable is automatically set by Usine.


Its value is 1 if the user is pressing the [shift] key, 0 otherwise.


Its value is 1 if the user is pressing the [control] key, 0 otherwise.


Its value is 1 if the user is pressing the [Alt] key, 0 otherwise.

LAST_CREATED_MODULE_NAME Contains the name of the last created module by the command CREATE_MODULE. This variable is automatically set by Usine.

ON_WIRE Its value is 1 if the user has dropped a file on a wire.

BUSES_LIST_DATA Contains the list of all available DATA buses for the current patch.

BUSES_LIST_AUDIO Contains the list of all available AUDIO buses for the current patch.

BUSES_LIST_MIDI Contains the list of all available MIDI buses for the current patch.

Templates variables

The following variables are automatically set by Usine when the user try to create a new wire in a patch. They are used in the Templates Engine.

  • none=0,
  • in=1,
  • out=2
  • None=0,
  • Audio=1,
  • InternText=2,
  • Data=3,
  • MIDI=4,
  • Array=5,
  • User=6,
  • Flow Text=7,
  • PointerBitMap=8,
  • Bitwise=9,
  • Matrix=10,
  • Pointer=11,
  • Color=12
  • Text=0,
  • gain fader=1,
  • select Dir=2,
  • switch=3,
  • Button=4,
  • Data Integer=5,
  • Data Float=6,
  • Color=7,
  • ListBox=8,
  • Array=8,
  • IpAddress=9,
  • Smpte position=10,
  • FileName=11,
  • MIDINote=12,
  • Hexadecimal=13,
  • Trigger=14
  • Linear=0,
  • Log=1,
  • Exp=2,
  • Other=maxint

min value of the selected terminal


max value of the selected terminal


min value of the target terminal


max value of the target terminal


name of the selected terminal


num (order) of the selected terminal


num (order) of the target terminal


symbol string of the selected terminal


format string of the selected terminal


selected module


selected module ID


full name of the dropped file


short name of the dropped file


extension of the dropped file


string which contains all the items of the list box separated by commas


number of items in the list box


value of the terminal


default value of the terminal


number of digits displayed of the terminal


value as a string format (for text terminals)

TARG_QUERY_INDEX query index of the target. Determines for example, if a module is mono, stereo, etc.


Names between brackets [] are optional

SET_VAR name value [value2]

Sets a variable value

SET_VAR pi 3.14
SET_VAR HelloString 'Hello guys'

for strings optional value2 is concatenated

SET_VAR newName 'hello' DROP_FILENAME 
new name will be the concatenation of 'hello' and the DROPFILENAME variable
CREATE_MODULE modulename id x y [filename] [queryindex]

Creates a new module at the position x y in the patch.

The module type is set by the parameter id (see the list of id’s bellow). Then the module is renamed with the modulename.

For subpatches modules (id=6) you must specify the filename of the subpatch.

For user modules (id=95) you must specify the user module filename.

You can also set the queryindex, which is the value of the choice order in the query creation box. ie:for audio modules 0=mono, 1=stereo, 2=4 x channels, etc.

CREATE_MODULE vol 4 100 100  creates an audio volume stereo module
CREATE_MODULE vol 261 100 100 2  creates an audio volume 4channels module (queryindex=2) 
CREATE_MODULE gate 6 100 100 'c:UsineGate.pat'  add the Gate.pat subpatch
CREATE_MODULE matrix 95 100 100 'Matrix.usr'  create the Matrix.usr User module 
CREATE_MODULE reverb 95 100 100 'Reverb.usr' 0  create the Reverb.usr User module in Mono version (queryindex = 0) 
CREATE_PLUGIN modulename x y 'plugfilename'

Creates a new plugin module (for example VST) at the position x y in the patch.

CREATE_PLUGIN myplug 100 100 'ACE(x64).plugin'

'plugfilename' must be a valid file name, located in the /Config/Plug-ins/ folder inside the Usine's package.

RENAME_MODULE oldmodulename [newmodulename]

Changes the name of the module. If the newmodule name parameter is missing, the module name is set to nothing (blank).


Recreates the modulename module.

DELETE_MODULE modulename

Deletes the modulename module.


Defines the target patch which will receive Internal Messages

SET_TARGET_PATCH SENDER_PATCH  the active patch is the current patch
SET_TARGET_PATCH subpatchname

Defines the target subpatch that will receive Internal Messages.

SET_TARGET_PATCH racknum patchnum

Set a patch with patchnum index in the racknum rack as the target

SET_VALUE modulename terminalname value

Sets the terminalname value of the modulename module

CREATE_MODULE MyMIDICreate 78 100 100  //create a Create MIDI note module
SET_VALUE MyMIDICreate create 1  //set the ‘create’ inlet of the ‘MyMIDICreate’ module value to 1
CREATE_MODULE MyDelay 54 100 100  //create a Delay module
SET_VALUE MyDelay delay 100  //set the delay inlet of the ‘MyDelay’ module value to 100ms
SET_STRINGVALUE modulename terminalname stringvalue

Same as the SET_VALUE above but for strings values. SET_STRINGVALUE fader1 Caption “I love you"

SET_COMMATEXT modulename terminalname commatext

Sets the values of a listbox items. A comma-text is a list of possible values separated by commas.

SET_COMMATEXT Listbox1 list “delay, flanger, filter"
GET_COMMATEXT modulename terminalname destvariable

Gets the values of a listbox items and store it in destvariable. A comma-text is a list of possible values separated by commas.

GET_COMMATEXT Listbox1 list value
GET_VALUE modulename terminalname destvariable

Retrieves the value of a terminal and store it in a destvariable variable.

GET_INDEX modulename terminalname destvariable

Retrieves the index of a terminal and store it in a destvariable variable.

GET_CAPTION modulename terminalnum destvariable

Retrieves the caption of a terminal and store it in a destvariable variable.

GET_STRING_VALUE modulename terminalname destvariable

Retrieves the value of a string terminal and store it in a destvariable variable.

CREATE_LINK moduleSrcOut terminalSrcOut moduleDestIn terminalDestIn
CREATE_LINK moduleSrcOut termSrcOutNum moduleDestIn termDestOuNum

Adds a new link (wire) between two modules. Always from out to in.

CREATE_LINK Step1 out Delay1 delay

The CREATE_LINK command can also be used with Terminal order number instead of terminal names. Typically, the SRCTERMNUM gives the order of the target inlet. The following example comes from a template (see p226).

DELETE_LINK moduleSrcOut terminalSrcOut moduleDestIn terminalDestIn

Deletes a link (wire)

DELETE_LINK Step1 out Delay1 delay

Az above the DELETE_LINK command can also be used with Terminal order number instead of terminal names.


Clears the target patch. No prompt is made.


Stores Undo information’s. So the user will be able to cancel the last operation.

For example, if you send the single command


Then undo is impossible...

Now, if you send


The user will be able to undo the Clear patch operation.


Executes an undo on the target patch


Executes a redo on the target patch

LOAD_PATCH filename

Loads a new patch in the target patch. Be careful, no prompt for save is done…

SAVE_PATCH filename

Saves the target patch as a new name


Reloads the current Target patch.

RENAME_PATCH newfilename

Renames the target patch without saving it.

ADD_GROUP filename X Y

Opens a patch and add new modules to the actual patch (without clear it before).

INPUT_QUERY_VALUE textToDisplay VarName DefaultValue

Ask the user to enter a numerical value and stores the result in VarName.

INPUT_QUERY_VALUE 'Enter the fader value' FADERVALUE 50
INPUT_QUERY_STRING textToDisplay VarName DefaultValue

Ask the user to enter a string and stores the result in VarName.

INPUT_QUERY_STRING 'Input items, separated by commas' COMMATEXT 'a,b,c,d'
INPUT_QUERY_LIST WindowTitle Question List ResultStringVariableName ResultIndexVariableName(optional)

Ask the user to select an item in a List. Stores the selected string result in ResultStringVariableName and the selected item index in ResultIndexVariableName.

The last parameter is optional.

Generally used with the following variables:


For example


Ask the user to save the target patch if it has been modified.

Can be used before a CLEAR_PATCH or a LOADPATCH operation.


Loads a new workspace. Be careful, no prompt is done...


Saves the current workspace as a new name. If no filename is specified it saves the workspace with its current file name.

CREATE_UID variable

Creates an Unique Identifier (UID) and store it in variable


Pauses and process queued Usine messages

SELECT_MODULE modulename

Selects the modulename module.


Optional template finalization.

Must be used if you IML commands in scripts with a sub-patch as target

Modules ID’s

Here is the list of modules ID’s used in the CREATE_MODULE message.

Module name ID
3D Array To 3D 380
3D Editor 379
3D Get Point 393
3D Matrix Array to 3D 387
3D Set Point 392
3D Transform RotationX 384
3D Transform RotationY 385
3D Transform RotationZ 383
3D Transform Scaling 386
3D Transform Translation 382
3D to Matrix Array 381
Additional Input 313
Additional output 115
Array Average 142
Array Clip 227
Array Combine 3X 378
Array Combine Inv 3X 377
Array Concat 2x 155
Array Concat 3x 245
Array Concat 4x 247
Array Concat 483
Array Delay 476
Array Delete 369
Array Difference 368
Array Duplicate 447
Array Editor 152
Array Expand 230
Array Extract 246
Array Fill Ramp 240
Array Fill 231
Array Gate 228
Array Get Element Value 139
Array Get Size 149
Array Get nb lines 389
Array Get nb rows 391
Array Max Position 210
Array Max 132
Array Min Position 224
Array Min 133
Array Queue Data 136
Array Random 404
Array Roll 475
Array Set Element Value 140
Array Set Size 229
Array Set nb lines 388
Array Set nb rows 390
Array Shift 207
Array Sort 137
Array Std Deviation 143
Array Sum 141
Array Swap 138
Array display 260
Array_Chaser 588
Array_Limit_Size 582
Array_Shuffle 594
Audio Analysis Envelop Follower 55
Audio Analysis Kik Detector 565
Audio Analysis Partial Tracker 64
Audio Analysis Peak Detect 58
Audio Analysis Zero Crossing 107
Audio Chorus 416
Audio Delay 328
Audio Disto Bit Crusher 323
Audio Disto WaveShaper 324
Audio Dynamics Brick Wall Limiter 418
Audio Dynamics Limiter 112
Audio Dynamics Simple Compressor 336
Audio Dynamics Simple Gate 337
Audio Dynamics Soft Clipping 318
Audio Envelop ADSR 241
Audio Filter Biquad 425
Audio Filter DC Blocker 445
Audio Filter Formant 329
Audio Filter Linkwitz Riley 332
Audio Filter Linkwitz Riley2 327
Audio Filter Moog 497
Audio Filter One Pole 496
Audio Filter ParamEQ 316
Audio Filter Vocoder 459
Audio Filter 326
Audio Mix CrossFade 305
Audio Mix Dispatch 403
Audio Mix MS Decoder 444
Audio Mix Mixer 267
Audio Mix Phase Inversion 443
Audio Mix Volume 261
Audio Octave Divider 427
Audio Oscillator Hi Quality 415
Audio Oscillator Lo Quality 338
Audio Oscillator VPS 432
Audio Oscillator Wavetable 431
Audio Pan DBAP Distance 2D 300
Audio Pan DBAP Distance 3D 395
Audio Pan Quadratic Distance 2D 253
Audio Pan Quadratic Distance 3D 394
Audio Pan Surround Panner 343
Audio Phaser 325
Audio Pitch Shift 448
Audio Reverb Convolution 419
Audio Reverb Diffusor 429
Audio Reverb FDN 417
Audio Reverb Plate 428
Audio Sampler Grain Cloud 439
Audio Sampler Grain old 348
Audio Sampler Grain 349
Audio Sampler MIDI old 346
Audio Sampler MIDI 406
Audio Sampler Recorder Grain old 259
Audio Sampler Recorder Grain 350
Audio Sampler Recorder 344
Audio Sampler 347
Audio TimeLine 370
Audio sampler Recorder MIDI old 258
Audio_Analysis_Kik_Detector 565
Bitwise And 460
Bitwise Integer to Bitwise 462
Bitwise NOT 467
Bitwise OR 463
Bitwise SHL 465
Bitwise SHR 466
Bitwise XOR 464
Bitwise to Integer 461
Bus Get Audio 457
Bus Get MIDI 119
Bus Set Audio 458
Bus Set MIDI 118
Bus Set Text 421
Bus_Get_Color 578
Bus_Get_Video 544
Bus_Set_Color 579
Bus_Set_Video 543
Buses List 251
Cartesian To Polar 226
Coeff To Pitch 452
Color CMYK 480
Color Chooser 223
Color Complementary 479
Color HSL old 478
Color HSL 477
Color Mix Mixer 409
Color Mix Selector 342
Color Palette 399
Color RGB 376
Color Smooth 408
Color To RGB 375
Color Transformer 499
Color_Array_Add 586
Color_Array_Mult 587
Color_Array_Random 589
Color_Dimmer 592
Comma Text Get Size 560
Comma Text Get String Index 562
Comma Text Get String 563
Comma Text To Floats 561
Comma Text To Strings 559
Comma text Strings to Comma Text 441
Comma_Text_Get_Size 560
Comma_Text_Get_String 563
Comma_Text_Get_String_Index 562
Comma_Text_To_Floats 561
Comma_Text_To_Strings 559
Conductor 178
Control Button 8
Control Combobox 68
Control Fader Color 289
Control Fader Directory 564
Control Fader FileName 550
Control Fader Horizontal 3
Control Fader MIDI Note 222
Control Fader Text 164
Control Fader Vertical 172
Control Knob MIDI Note 442
Control Knob 175
Control Led 104
Control Listbox Buttons 212
Control Listbox 177
Control Switch 9
Control Vu Meter Vertical 171
Control Vu meter Horizontal 81
Control_Fader_Directory 564
Control_Fader_FileName 550
Conversion Coeff To db 97
Conversion Exponential Scale 147
Conversion Freq To Note 87
Conversion Note To Freq 86
Conversion Pitch To Coeff 451
Conversion Power Scale 146
Conversion Round Freq 450
Conversion dB To Coeff 98
DSP Bloc Duration 299
DSP Bloc Size 144
DSP Sample Rate 145
Data Counter 363
Data Delay 481
Data Filter Kalman 354
Data Filter Median value 473
Data Filter Moving average 474
Data Filter Smooth Attack Release 374
Data Generator ADSR 558
Data Generator Grain 65
Data Generator LFO 84
Data Generator Ramp 304
Data Generator Random 57
Data Mix Dispatch 266
Data Mix Mixer 268
Data Mix Selector 265
Data Scaling Change Scale 362
Data Scaling Mapper Curve 150
Data Scaling Mapper Values 295
Data filter Smooth 70
Data_Generator_ADSR 558
Device Input Audio 330
Device Input Video 505
Device Output Audio 331
Device Output Video 506
Empty Module 89
External Device Joystick 414
External Device Keyboard 34
External Device Mouse 74
External Device Sensors 351
FFT Forward New 571
FFT Forward 93
FFT Inverse New 572
FFT Sonogram 430
FFT inverse 94
FFT_Forward_New 571
FFT_Inverse_New 572
FastScript 355
File Delete Extension 493
File Extract Extension 491
File Extract Name 492
File Extract Path 490
File List Manager 357
File Lister 358
File Open Dialog 302
File Path Delimiter 489
File Usine Path 551
File_Usine_Path 551
Flow Freeze 434
Flow From One To Zero 220
Flow From Zero To One 219
Flow Has Changed 106
Flow Pass If Changed 566
Flow Pass 433
Flow Resample single 495
Flow Resample 494
Flow Stop 435
Flow Thru 437
Flow Toggle 221
Flow Wait 436
Flow_Is_Null 581
Flow_Pass_If_Changed 566
Get From Color Bus 578
Get From Text bus 420
Get From Video Bus 544
Get From bus 114
Input Array 166
Input Audio 1
Input Color 567
Input Data 20
Input Midi 5
Input TEXT 507
Input Video 503
Input_Color 567
Light Clear DMX Channels 397
Light Direct ArtNet array 552
Light Direct DMX array 413
Light Fixture 371
Light_Color_Array_To_ArtNet 583
Light_Direct_ArtNet_array 552
Load Patch 122
Load Rack 402
Load Workspace 121
Logical And 50
Logical Diff 45
Logical Equal 49
Logical Inf Equal 44
Logical Inf 42
Logical Not 53
Logical Or 51
Logical Sup Equal 43
Logical Sup 41
Logical Xor 52
MIDI Delay 482
MIDI Filter Multi 353
MIDI Filter 77
MIDI Generator Create 78
MIDI Generator Random Note ON 101
MIDI Generator Random 340
MIDI Get Message 487
MIDI PianoRoll 275
MIDI Player 105
MIDI Sequenced Step 274
MIDI Swing 486
MIDI Sysex Editor 125
MIDI Transformer 80
MIDI unpack 488
MIDI_Split 591
Math 1Minus 290
Math AX plus B 73
Math Abs 18
Math Add 35
Math Constant 29
Math Delta 66
Math Div 37
Math EXP 15
Math Hypot 456
Math Int Power 400
Math IntDiv 39
Math Inverse 16
Math LN 13
Math LOG 14
Math Max 47
Math Min 46
Math Minus 19
Math Mod 40
Math Minus 1 298
Math Mult 38
Math Multiple Variables 148
Math Odd 364
Math Plus1 291
Math Power 48
Math Random 32
Math Sign 310
Math Sqr 401
Math Sqrt 17
Math Sub 36
Math Variable 25
Math fMod 398
Network FTP Get File 498
Network FTP Put File 307
Network OSC Receive 278
Network OSC Send Text 168
Network OSC Send 277
Network Osc Lister 333
Network Receive Bytes 249
Network Send Bytes 170
Network Web Browser 309
Output Array 167
Output Audio 2
Output Color 568
Output Data 21
Output Midi 22
Output TEXT 508
Output Usine MIDI 252
Output video 504
Output_Color 568
Panel Container 208
Panel Image 174
Panel Oscilloscope XY 446
Panel Oscilloscope 108
Panel Path 335
Panel Popup 264
Panel Range Fader 83
Panel Shape 334
Panel Text 79
Panel Wave Display 96
Panel XY Draw 297
Panel XY Pad 262
Panner x4 69
Patch Bypass 412
Patch Comment 257
Patch On Activation 103
Patch On Initialization 90
Patch On Off 169
Patch Send Internal Msg 248
Phase Vocoder Forward 569
Phase Vocoder Inverse 570
Phase_Vocoder_Forward 569
Phase_Vocoder_Inverse 570
PlugIn 424
PluginOld 7
Polar To Cartesian 225
Poly Array Value 440
Poly Current Voice Num 293
Poly SubPatch Polyphony 294
Poly Voice Dispatcher MIDI 296
Preset Manager 276
QuickLink Get 423
QuickLink Set 422
Rounding Ceil 455
Rounding Frac 453
Rounding Round 23
Rounding Trunc 24
Sampler Timeline (internal use only) 500
Script old 123
Script 273
Separator panel 62
Sequenced Lines 270
Sequenced Points Curve 271
Sequenced Step 269
Sequenced Switch 272
Sequenced Triggers 339
Set Bus 113
Set Color Bus 579
Set Video Bus 543
String Concat x2 165
String Concat 484
String Equal 396
String Float To String 279
String Integer To String 234
String Mix Dispatch 405
String Mix Selector 312
String to float 472
String to integer 471
Synchro Clock Divider 449
Synchro Clock 360
Synchro Local 180
Synchro Master 179
Synchro Quantize Data 365
Synchro Quantize MIDI 367
Synchro Quantize Trigger 366
Synchro SMPTE Get 181
Synchro SMPTE Set 232
Synchro Swing Trigger 485
Synchro Tempo To delay 469
Synchro old 63
System Battery level 254
System Get Trace 573
System OS Language ID 411
System Shell Command 194
System Trace Value 10
System_Get_Trace 573
System_Trace_MIDI 580
Time Count Blocs 468
Time Count MS 361
Time Current 209
Time Elapsed 470
Time Ms 30
Time Precise Ms 176
Time Sec 31
Trigonometric ArcCos 27
Trigonometric ArcSin 26
Trigonometric ArcTan 301
Trigonometric ArcTan2 502
Trigonometric Cosinus 12
Trigonometric Pi 28
Trigonometric Sinus 11
Trigonometric Tangent 454
User 95
Usine Grid Section 345
Usine Grid 341
Usine Language ID 410
Usine Master Light 407
Usine Master 153
Usine Patch 250
Usine Quantize 356
Usine Rack Number 88
Usine Rack 352
Usine Setup 308
Usine Trash 438
Usine Workspace 359
Video Anti Aliasing 525
Video Blur Smoother 549
Video Blur Spray 529
Video Blur 540
Video Color BlackAndWhite 546
Video Color Contrast 528
Video Color Exclude 534
Video Color Extract 533
Video Color GrayScale 535
Video Color Lightness 536
Video Color Posterize 532
Video Color RGB 524
Video Color Random Noise 556
Video Color Saturation 526
Video Color Semi Opaque 514
Video Color Solarize 531
Video Convolution 557
Video Detect 286
Video Generator Fill Color 547
Video Geometric Flip H 512
Video Geometric Flip V 513
Video Geometric Mirror H 538
Video Geometric Mirror V 537
Video Geometric Mosaic 523
Video Geometric Pixels Distribution 545
Video Geometric Seamless 530
Video Geometric Tile 539
Video Mapping Change Aspect Ratio 575
Video Mapping Crop Resize 527
Video Mapping Crop 515
Video Mapping Path Mask 554
Video Mapping Path 516
Video Mapping Perspective 520
Video Mapping Rotation 517
Video Mapping Scale 518
Video Mapping Shearing 522
Video Mapping Translation 519
Video Mix Alpha Mask 576
Video Mix Combine 511
Video Mix CrossFade 541
Video Mix Dimmer 542
Video Mix Incrustation 574
Video Mix Resize 548
Video Player IP 553
Video Player Image 555
Video Player 501
Video Thru 577
Video_Blur_Smoother 549
Video_Color_BlackAndWhite 546
Video_Color_Random_Noise 556
Video_Convolution 557
Video_Generator_Fill_Color 547
Video_Geometric_Pixels_Distribution 545
Video_Geometric_Resize 548
Video_Mapping_Change_Aspect_Ratio 575
Video_Mapping_Path_Mask 554
Video_Mix_Alpha_Mask 576
Video_Mix_Auto_FadeIn 593
Video_Mix_Incrustation 574
Video_Mix_Selector 590
Video_Player_IP 553
Video_Player_Image 555
Video_Thru 577
Video_To_Color_Array 584
Color_Array_Display 585
Color_Array_Add 586
Color_Array_Mult 587
Array_Chaser 588
Color_Array_Random 589
Video_Mix_Selector 590
MIDI_Split 591
Color_Dimmer 592
Video_Mix_Auto_FadeIn 593
Array_Shuffle 594
Control_Fader_SMPTE 595
Video_Mapping_Rotation_Simple 596
Video_Mapping_Vignette 597
Comma_Text_editor 598
Sub_Patch 6

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