USER Draw Trajectory

Panel to draw 2D path and also a simple way to store a list of XY coordinates.

You can draw a trajectory on the panel and select a particular point by its index to retrieve its coordinates.

The drawing is stretched if you resize the panel. X and Y coordinates are expressed from 0 to 1, relative to the panel dimension.



Total number of point stored in the trajectory.

cursor pos

Position of the cursor and selected point index

  • cursor pos <= -1 : no point selected
  • cursor pos < nbpoints : point at corresponding cursor pos is selected
  • cursor pos >= nbpoints : no point selected

pos X

X coordinate of the cursor pos point

  • from 0 : left
  • to 1 : right

pos Y

Y coordinate of the last selected point

  • from 0 : top
  • to 1 : bottom


Clear the trajectory.


Randomizes the trajectory with a random lissajous path.

coords in

Coordinates input (as an XYZ array). The Z coordinate is ignored.

coords out

Coordinates output (as an XYZ array). The Z coordinate is set to 0.5.

To create an XYZ array use the array-combine-x3 module.

saved in preset

Determines if parameters of this object are saved in the preset-panel.

fade preset

Parameters of the this object can cross faded when you recall a preset in the grid.

Optional setting, does not appear on all objects.

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