Video Configuration

Video options of Usine.

video out active

Activates/deactivates the video out engine.

video in devices

Activates/deactivates the video inputs devices (several inputs possible).

hi quality video

Activates the hight quality engine with anti-aliasing.

video engine speed

Speed of the video engine. Choose fast if you need hi speed video, slow to execute video as a background task.

mix strategy

Determines the mixdown strategy when 2 video flow are in the same wire and have to be mixed together.

  • largest win : the smallest video is enlarged to fit to the largest video size; use more CPU.
  • smallest win : the largest video is reduced to fit to the smallest video size; use less CPU.

direct drawing

Enables a direct drawing of the video buffer. When enabled, the render engine is faster. Disable it in case of troubles.

Windows only.

trace video FPS

Traces the current video engine frame rate in Frames Per Second.

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