MIDI Configuration

MIDI global settings.

rescan devices

Rescans and updates the list of available MIDI devices connected to the system.

Can be used for Hot plugging MIDI devices.

reset devices

Resets all MIDI devices connected to the system (shutdown an reopen).

If a device fails to respond, this option is useful to reset the device in hopes of regaining functionality.

inputs / outputs

Shows available and connected MIDI devices. It allows you to activate devices you want to use.

For example in the picture below, the LPD8 controller is enabled and ready to use as MIDI Input.

midi lan

Activates the built-in MIDI-to-LAN interface that allows MIDI communication between computers running Usine on the Local Network. See share-patches for more info.

send ALL NOTES OFF on stop sync

When activated, Usine sends the a MIDI All Note Off message when sync has stopped.

MIDI feedback to all devices

When ON, the MIDI feedback is sent to all motorized devices, even if they are not the concerned by the MIDI learn.

Since HH3.0.133 the MIDI learn is associated with the name of the device. When this option is ON it turns Usine to old (prior HH3.0.133) MIDI feedback behavior.

ignore active sensing messages

Some MIDI controllers send continuously active sensing messages. When ON, Usine filters them directly.

This way the trace panel and your MIDI devices are not polluted by this message.

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