ArtNet DMX Configuration

Global configuration parameters for ArtNet and DMX .

The Usine light engine can manage Enttec Open DMX, Enttec USB pro devices, as well as all ArtNet-DMX devices connected to the Ethernet port.

But on OSX you'll probably have installation troubles with DMXUSB PRO devices. It's generally caused by FTDI drivers conflicts. So in this case you can try the utility app free FTDI Driver Control 1.0.3 to disable the built-in FTDI driver.

rescan devices

Rescans all connected USB DMX devices. Usine can connect up to four devices.

reset devices

Resets all connected devices (shutdown and restart). Use it if you encounter issues.


List of Connected devices to activate inside Usine.

DMX active

Turns the DMX engine ON. Must be activated to run Usine’s DMX.

num of plots

Number of actives plots.

ArtNet active

Turns the ArtNet engine ON. Usine can be used with USB devices and ArtNet simultaneously.

ArtNet IP address

IP address of the connected ArtNet device.

Set this to for local host.


All ArtNet packets are sent in broadcast mode (to all connected clients). Depending on the router this option can cause much slower speeds. This option is only necessary is certain conditions where a broadcast is required.

ArtNet subnet mask

Subnet mask used when broadcast is activated.

Can be used to restrict the broadcast range.

ArtNet port

Port used for the ArtNet communication. By default the port is 6454.

test ArtNet

Launch a test procedure of the ArtNet network. See test-artnet.

frame rate

Sets the maximum DMX frame rate (packets sent per second). Usine will send packets only if necessary.

DMX strategy

In case of DMX conflicts Usine can use several strategies

  • highest win the highest DMX value cancel all inferior values.
  • lowest win the lowest DMX cancel all superior values.
  • latest win only the latest value is sent, all previous values are canceled.

clear on stop

Clears all DMX parameter set as "master" when the engine is turned OFF (Blackout).

trace DMX out

Traces DMX outgoing messages.

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