Global Configuration

Usine's global setup tab. Change favorites folders for your personal library, Sounds, videos, fixtures and MIDI files and for the recording, various interface layouts and performances options.

Import old setup

Imports all the settings from a previous Usine's installation. Click the button and select the folder (Win) or the .app (MAC) of the previous version.

This will copy the /Usine/Config/ folder of the old Usine to the new installation, including Snapshots, Devices, Addons, Browser Favorites, Plug-ins, Templates, Trash, Recent workspaces.

Requires a restart of Usine to apply the change.

Global Interface

main language

Sets the language Usine is displayed in. Usine can display either English or French.

color Style

Color style of Usine.

Start Up

Various start-up options.

full screen

Opens the main interface in full screen when Usine starts

load wkp

Name of the workspace to load at startup.

Touch Screen

Touch-screen options

global zoom scale

Allows the adjustment of zoom for the entire Usine interface.

Useful to adjust the interface size on tablets.

enable touch screen

Enable/Disable the touch screen feature.

Windows only

trace Gestures names

Traces gesture's names (the finger movement recognition).

See multi-touch for more infos.

use virtual keyboard

Displays the virtual keyboard when text entry is needed. Useful on tablets.


Various tweak options of the engine.

low graphic quality

Option to toggle in low graphic quality to increase the global performance. Low graphic quality can reduce significantly CPU load, but also reduce graphic precision.

refresh speed

Sets the global Usine refresh speed. For low value (5 ms) Usine is very reactive and the graphic display looks smooth but cost a lot of CPU.

25 ms is a good value in most situations.

max number of threads

Determines the maximum number of threads allowed in Usine.

Each rack is processed in a separate thread. Good values are from 16 to 32.

disk Buffer size

Disk Buffer Size of the reading audio file buffer.

A good value is around 1000ms. Increase if you use large multi-channels files.

CPU load max

Sets the CPU protection level. If the CPU Load is greater than the CPU maximum level, the audio engine stops for few seconds, to avoid hard crash of your system.

Generally 90% is a good value for a single core processor. If you don't want use this protection set the value to 100%.

personal folders

Personal folders will appear in the browser-panel.

patch library

Specifies patches and workspaces library browser default path.

user modules folder

Specifies user modules library browser default path.

sound files folder

Specifies your Sound browser personnal sounds default path.

By default it's the /Music/ folder of your system.

bank files folder

Specifies your banks browser default path.

Banks are used in audio-sampler-midi modules.

midi files folder

Specifies your MIDI files browser default path.

fixtures files folder

Specifies your spots files browser default path.

video files folder

Specifies your Video files browser default path.

recorded files folder

Specifies the default record out path for audio files.

By default it's the /Music/ folder of your system.

External wave editor

wave editor

Specifies your favorite wave editor path.

floating windows

Switch the selected windows into floating mode.

floating window for patches

Switch the patch-editor-panel into a floating window.

floating window for settings

Switch the settings-panel into a floating window.

floating window for grid

Switch the grid-panel into a floating window.

floating window for popups

Switch the panel-popup into a floating window.

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