Settings Panel

The settings panel displays properties of the selected object.

To open the settings panel, uses a right click on any object. Once opened, you use a single left click on any object will display its settings-panel.


This tab refers to general options. Minimum and maximum values, caption, and more depending on the selected object.

Example for a fader.

Example for a math module


The design tab is the place to customize visual aspects of objects. Like backgrounds, captions and borders colors, opacity, etc.

Example of design changes on a fader


The size tab is the place to customize size, position, rotation parameters of your object.


The remote tab is where you manage all your MIDI/Key,OSC, etc learns,and mapping values.

Example with a fader


Manages automation curves for the selected object.

Curves grid

Manages automation curves for the grid-element-panel.


is the place where you decide if the object is shared over the lan.


Save snapshot

Design Tab only.

When you have created a layout for an object you can save a snapshot to recall it later. Click on this icon and enter a name and save it. This will create a small snapshot of your design settings.

Then, the next time or for a similar object, you’ll have only to click on this snapshot to recall it.

Example with 5 knobs

Show Help

Opens an help page about this object.

Pin settings

When ON, the settings-panel is locked to the current object.

If you need to lock this panel to an object, for example to study a value when you change a parameter elsewhere, you can use the pin icon. By this way, even if you click on another object the settings panel will stay unchanged.

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