Plot Panel

The Plot Panel is the place where you put fixtures to describe your light environment.

Usine can handle several plots at the same time. Each plot is calculated independently and is associated to an Artnet Universe or an USB device.



Clears the content of the selected object to make it empty.


Opens a file of the selected object saved previously.

save as

Saves the selected object as a file with a new name.


Undo the last operation.


Redo the last operation.

create fixtures group

Adds a new fixtures-group to the current plot.

clear set

Clears all the plots of the current workspace.

open set

Opens a set of plots previously saved.

save set as

Saves all the plots as a set.



Enables or disables disable the plot panel

When disabled the plot is not calculated


Displayed caption of the object. Click to enter a new name.

universe num

Artnet universe number. See Artnet DMX specifications for more info.

DMX device

Number of the USB device (as shown in the setup/DMX), where DMX packets are sent for this plot.

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