File Lister

Retrieves all files in a folder and creates a comma-text with all file names.



Re-scans the folder (normally the re-scan is done automatically if one of the parameters changes).

file type

File type to select:

  • audio files
  • MIDI files
  • images files
  • workspaces
  • patches
  • racks
  • all files
  • video files,
  • banks,
  • user extensions

user extensions

comma-text which contains files extensions used by the file lister.

Only when file type is set to user extensions.

For example can be a string like
or simply


Path to scan.

If the path starts by ./ then Usine will look into the Usine folder or in the current workspace directory.

comma text

List of all the files as comma-text.


Gives the number of files in the lister or the comma-text.

auto sort

Automatically sorts the comma text result list by alphabetic order.

silent mode

Disables the error message trace when the path doesn't exist or has a wrong format.

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