File List Manager

Allows to select various files and create a comma-text with all selected files names.

Typically, the file list can be a set a audio files to create a sound bank and connect the comma-text output to a list comma text

of a sampler module.


show list

Shows the files list.

file type

File type to select:

  • audio files
  • MIDI files
  • images file
  • workspaces
  • patches
  • racks
  • all files
  • video files
  • banks

selected num

Current number of the selected file.

selected text

Current selected file as text.

short selected text

Current selected file as a short file name text (without path).

comma text

List of all the files as comma-text.


Gives the number of files in the list or the commatext.


Selects the next file in the list.


Selects the previous file in the list.

next rand

Random selection of a file in the list.

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