Hidden Strings

Like a lot of softwares, Usine contains hidden strings commands. To use hidden strings just type the word anywhere in an Usine's window.

For example you can type 'QUIT'.

Hidden strings are key insensitive.

Retype the same hidden string to cancel the effect except for 'QUIT'.

Waiting more than 1 sec between two keystroke cancels the hidden string process. It means that you have to type the string quickly.


Shutdown the ASIO engine and quit Usine immediately without saving the current workspace. Can be used to quit as fast as possible.


Displays the console-panel of Usine.


Displays the trace-panel of Usine.


Traces all captions changes. Can be useful for debugging complex patch which modifies captions of parameters in real time and avoid endless, and CPU hungry loops.


Automatically generates the best patch of the world, if you can type it in less than 2 seconds...

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