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Hi !
I had a go with the skylander portal : first I just plug it to Usine thru the HID device. It kind of works as long as you don't put more than 16 different toys on the portal.
when a toy is drop, a bit out of 32 is set to 1 (as well as another adjacent bit when the toy is approching)
this bit is always the same as long as there is less than different toys.
when a 16th toy is drop, all the bits adressed to the toys are changed.
So it is not the rigth way to ID the toys...

I'd like to try to build a device that can read the real ID that is written in the toy so I can recognize which toy is on the portal even if I have more than 16 toys around.

changing colors of the portal would be cool as well.

I found this on Github : and this (that look simpler) … andler.cpp

the first one looks complete with decypher of the cripted data inside the toy and all that

Do you rekon it is feaseable to modified the main.cpp as to code a hid device that receive and send data from USB port ?

is anyone expérienced with devices ?

do I need the juce lib to make it work as with the hid device included in the sdk ?

is someone interested in helping me ?

I feel that this portal device has a great potential as you get a skylanders kit dirt cheap nowdays and could be very useful for patch selection, patch on/off and fun music games.

thanks for your help


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