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#1 2008-11-02 14:32:24


Usine 4.01 Touch Screen Edition is out!

Usine FREE is no longer limited except that you can't edit sub-patch or scripts.
Also, the add-ons are now accessible to all users FREE & PRO.

It means that with the the FREE you can create simple patches or use ready made ones from the Library or from the add-ons section.

The price of the PRO version is now 70€, for one year of free updates. After one year updates will cost 40€ (stays unchanged).

  - layout available for separators& Panels modules
  - symmetric option in the step sequencer to display bars in a symmetric way along the middle axis.
  - background Bitmap option in the text/comment module

fixed bugs
  - in the sequencer midifile, sometime the first note is not played
  - in some zoom conditions the grid in the sequencer can be strange...
  - various layout bugs.

[4.0 beta 13]

  - midi & key learn allowed in patches of the sequencer!

fixed bugs
  - the aux send on/off now appears in the global remote
  - a blank remote panel when the patch selection changes in the grid
  - an array input can't have a zero length in scripts
  - the Rack mode listbox popup menu is greyed
  - compatibility problems of presets saved with older versions

[4.0 beta 12]
  - new aux send on/off switch in the track out mixer
  - the sequenced step, lines, point, switches duration goes now up to 10,000 seconds
  - all string inlets in Usine can now be manipulated in real time
  - new preset x16 module
fixed bugs
  - various small display bugs in the Interface builder
  - the Destroy export procedure missing in User Modules examples
  - right click midilearn popup is now more contextual...
  - aux send order problems in the track out mixer
  - bad wavedisplay/pitch+gain & wavedisplay/pitch+gain+speed subpatches initialisation
  - moving muti-selected patches in the sequencer is tricky.
  - small bugs in the preset storage in sub-patches

[4.0 beta 11]
fixed bugs
  - double click problems on the navigation bar (touch-screen mode)
  - local host monitoring (OSC) now works (new option in OSC setup)

[4.0 beta 10][/b
[b]fixed bugs

  - wrong Data/Counter with Max sub patch in the module library
  - bad object selection in the interface builder
  - various details

[4.0 beta 9]
fixed bugs
  - bad multi copy of patches in the sequencer timeline.
  - better velocity adjustment in the pianoroll
  - better snap to grid of markers in the sequencer
  - snap to grid now available on the right part of patches in the timeline
  - can't adjust the separator & panel module size and position in the interface builder.
  - bad record button update in the Dashboard.
  - bad width inlet update in the ramp module
  - better zooming in the sequencer
  - various display bugs in the piano roll
  - Various package problems in the VST version

  - reverse play mode in the pianoroll
  - quicker response of buttons (see

[4.0 beta 8]
fixed bugs
  - bad audio input affectation in the setup (when inputs are duplicated)
  - bad wire addition when both have a null input.
  - display details in the wire monitor panel
  - the list box inlets in User Modules aren't properly saved
  - endless callback loop in User Modules (when a modal window is displayed)

[4.0 beta 7]
  - fill ramp array module
  - clear inlet queue data
fixed bugs
  - some various display bugs in control panel & Module Panel.

[4.0]  Touch Screen Edition
see the demo videos here

more than 100 improvement:
  - touch screen management
  - 16 audio in/out
  - clear/save/open current track command in the main menu
  - new possible location for Interfaces builder windows: patch or parent patch
  - new rack mode : 'grid', 'rack' or 'play all'
  - customizable layouts for all displayed controls (set the colors you want to all controls).
  - reset + reset values in steps modules (step, step-midi, lines, switches, points, array)
  - no more auxiliary busses order limitations
  - expand module command in patches (see manual)
  - some PianoRoll improvements
  - clear current CC curve in PianoRoll
  - more quantize options in the sampler/ grainSampler :2,4,6,8,10,12,14,16 bars
  - New command in the main menu to hide all the popup windows (tab] key)
  - new mapper curve module design (shows now a cursor to display the current position)
  - new Audio Selector sub-patch in the module library
  - new Wave Display sub-patch in the module library
  - better record (direct to disk) engine
  - better multi-thread optimization
  - more precise Send Midi Time Clock module in the Library
  - new conductor module more powerful; see compatibility notes.
  - the color of the line in the remote panel is the same than the control color
  - at the startup of Usine, the last main window position is memorized
  - debug mode in the setup for user modules developers
  - more precise schedule in the mouse down outlet of the separator/panel module
  - the audio out is cleared when a patch activation is turned off
  - 'visible' inlet/outlet in the Interface Builder module
  - the mapper curve can process audio flow (see 'audio quality' parameter)
  - a sub patch can be locked to prevent modifications
  - the master section shows only actives in/out
  - new ‘default value’ parameter in faders, knobs
  - preview workspaces/patches info's in the the browser window
  - the conductor now saves all the patches of the grid in rack mode (not only the selected patch); see compatibility notes.
  - the 'show remote' button is visible in grid mode (not only in patch design mode)
  - French Quick Start

compatibility notes
  - the new interface control/conductor panel module is not compatible with older version.
  - because of the new save procedure in the conductor, you can have some small compatibility problems with older versions.

Olivier Sens



#2 2008-11-02 21:32:16


Cool, Olivier!

Actually, something like the symmetric option had crossed my  mind, but I forgot to add a suggestion. Psychic powers, eh?

Bjørn S



#3 2008-11-03 00:01:57


Never thought of symmetric option, but great idea Olivier!





#4 2008-12-29 06:08:12


I cannot access the addon section. Above it states that Free and Pro would have access to add ons.




#5 2008-12-29 06:50:55


Stephan326 wrote:

I cannot access the addon section. Above it states that Free and Pro would have access to add ons.


That has changed (and may change back again): see

Bjørn S


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