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joffo metasurface (119 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-06-29 01:06:02
A very usefull tool inspired by audiomulch .
you can affect 8 parameters and mutate between 4 snapshots
See the presentation here :
Launchpad wisard (1740 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-06-07 17:41:30
Here a wizard to setting your launchpad with hollyhock.
You can set the color by cell and it sends 64 binds that you can use as you want.
You can use it with a true launchpad or with your mouse to emulate ie.
joffo little seq (486 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-06-03 16:24:10
A basic but very power full analog type sequencer
joffo Bass Synth (170 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-06-03 16:23:13
a very powerfull midi synth bass with a very loud sound and full of presets.
joffo gRAIN cLouD MiDi SaMplEr (611 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-06-03 15:36:12
as the same spirit of the grain midi sampler. Her is the gRAIN cLouD MiDi SaMplEr
A midi playable granular synth with a lot of tweak possibilities.
Bundle joffo808 and polyseq with clap & preset (1290 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-06-02 23:59:39
I improved my to last addons and made some preset
Here a little review :
i had an analog clap too
joffo VCA (24 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-05-27 08:39:05
Meanwhile the embeded function on HH4 here 2 patch to create VCA behaviour
Put a vca master patch on an empty rack to transform it on VCA (put it in your mixer)
Add a VCA slave patch at the end of each rack you want to control and configure the corresponding vca you want
Enjoy. (now you can also mute and solo with vca track)
joffo gran midi sampler V2 (319 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-05-12 10:49:57
Here is a basic ableton simpler emulation on hollyhock.
have a look on here :
Joffo live drum rack (224 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2019-05-09 00:05:52
Here is a very basic tool to reproduce in simple way the ableton drum rack. It's a sampler with a list that constitute an 8 drum kit. Each one is played with a midi note according to the root note .
You can stack any drum rack you want (with different root note or no) to make a very complex one.
Enjoy !!!
here a video demo :
Matrix computations (1623 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-04-21 23:40:53
I made those modules as I am investigating deep learning...
matrix multiply multiplies 2 matrix. only work if the number of colums of input 1 matches the number of rows of input 2.
for adding matrix, use the standard + module, for multiplying a matrix by a scalar, use standard * module.
matrix transform doe the matrix transmormation !

OSX builds will be done soon.
Wheels (1026 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2019-03-09 18:37:11
Wheels is a patch to use a MIDI controller Behringer X-touch Mini or a BCR 2000
as a wheels sequencer.
Check this video for more info:
dAtA_Lab 2019 01 rev2 (19254 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-01-31 16:07:18
new year's update
-playmidinote correct timing for note off
new modules :
- traceString : to trace strings (!) with many options
- videOtex : module for data display direct from the 80'set
- array no duplicate : get rid of all duplicate integer inside an array
- array value match : This module tests values in an array with another value from a second input (or an array of values). An array ouputs the logic results (0,1,0,0,0,0,1,0...). Another output show the number of matches.
enjoy !

Don't forget to remove everything from Oli_Lab in your addon folder prior to download this pack to be sure that Usine will use the most recent update.
Legacy_Lab (10325 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-01-24 18:28:06
this is the repository where old and out of date modules rest in peace.
It is here only to allow old patches made with old modules to open properly.
please do not use those modules for new patches.

Don't forget to remove everything from Oli_Lab in your addon folder prior to download this pack to be sure that Usine will use the most recent update.
Examples for Oli_Lab modules 201901 (3328 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-01-24 18:16:42
A bunch of examples for Oli_Lab user modules.
You really need this !

Don't forget to remove everything from Oli_Lab in your addon folder prior to download this pack to be sure that Usine will use the most recent update.
phYsiC_Lab_201901 (4527 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-01-24 18:11:25
Get physical !
check examples....
Don't forget to remove everything from Oli_Lab in your addon folder prior to download this pack to be sure that Usine will use the most recent update.
Oli_LoscOPe_201901 (2021 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-01-24 17:59:53
a set of oscilloscopes with all the features you could expect from a hardware oscilloscope !
But wait, there more ! the 2ch OlilOscope comes with 2 extra array outputs that you can connect to the draw LUT module for incredible effects !
enjoy !

Don't forget to remove everything from Oli_Lab in your addon folder prior to download this pack to be sure that Usine will use the most recent update.
mOduLI_Lab_201901 (12894 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2019-01-24 17:42:55
new year's update
few debugs (draw LUT...)

Don't forget to remove everything from Oli_Lab in your addon folder prior to download this pack to be sure that Usine will use the most recent update.
MidiReseq (1321 Ko)
by x.iso
Posted on 2018-12-05 17:58:15
The point of this patch is to split incoming MIDI source notes into separate channels for each note played, and then remix/remap the whole thing with it's own sequencer basically. So you can get your melody to also trigger drums or use multiple instruments, or both.

Take note that you have to set up your instruments/samplers or devices to receive designated channel from 1 to 12. Set the name of the output bus in settings of the patch, then input that bus in your rack or patch with a channel filter.
VidSynth (1441 Ko)
by x.iso
Posted on 2018-12-03 00:18:33
This patch takes advantage of Usine Hollyhock 3 unique feature set (as well as few add-ons from oli_lab_pack, make sure you have the latest version of it) to make possible video-to-synthesis conversion on the go. The core idea is to interpret live video data into array of RGB or HSL pixel intensities, which can be easily applied to wavetable for oscillator. Additionally, there are tools and effects to manipulate the data and speed of change, to achieve all kinds of timbres and waves for oscillators.
ParamMux version 2 (1259 Ko)
by sm_jamieson
Posted on 2018-11-14 00:50:25
ParamMux (Parameter Multiplexer) is a User Module that allows many parameters to be multiplexed over a single data wire. New in version 2:
- Instant parameter type configuration
- External config file no longer required
- Patchbay and parameter mapping mode
- Parameter map transformation functions (rotate, shift, random, etc.)
- Settings and parameter values now stored in Presets

The zip file includes a user guide, example patch and Windows versions of the module for 32 and 64 bit.
Sorry I don't have the means to compile and test for Mac.
MidiReGate (1028 Ko)
by x.iso
Posted on 2018-11-08 15:31:14
This patch acts as Midi Gate for skipping incoming notes in desired order to 'remix' incoming midi.

It comes with adjustable loop lenght (via vertical fader along the steps) up to 16 steps or notes till pattern repeats.
It can be used to make shifting patterns in existing melody, extract notes just for certain instrument and by doing that on multiple places you could make several different melodies for different instruments derived from just one midi source.
There are 4 modes for counting steps: repeat, from first (steps only go as far as many notes are playing at the same time), random with no repeat and just random.
You can also use draw mode to activate/deactivate steps by swiping over them.

Customization settings as well as i/o bus settings can be found in popup panel.
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-11-01 04:38:44
This is the V2 of my DL4 emulator (with a lot of stuffs more).
I hope i'll got time to make you a little tutorial.
NOundo 0_434 release (7800 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-10-26 04:25:29
HHere is NOundo : A complex looper made in Usine Hollyhock 3 made by Emmanuel Reveneau & Jean-François Domingues with manuel user and lemur template
See : for more iformation.
Joffo chord wheel (1320 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-10-21 15:03:23
Here is a very usefull tool to create harmonised sequences by moving a ball on a chord wheel.
you'll find a zip file with the patch, a demo rack and the picture file .
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-10-02 08:06:29
An alternative of the time fade addon :
This is my little light sequencer.
Very easy to use; inspired by traditionnal theatre light desk.
You 'll find a little help note on the popup setting.
Have Fun !
My Name is a Groove !! (3782 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2018-09-28 17:00:20
Here a new Drum groove box for Usine Hollyhock.
Type any name/ number to create a groove.
Lower and upper case can have different velocity.
You can also offset the notes to create variations and change the global pitch.
Keyboard_Chromatic_Octave (172 Ko)
by jjbonkers
Posted on 2018-09-06 13:29:11
This is a simple midi keyboard. You can select both the octave and the root note.
Morphy Sequence (292 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2018-08-22 15:52:36
Here a patch to create a morphing between 4 sequences. You can use, mouse, MIDI learn, Physics Engine or the Automation curves to create this morphing,
A MIDI keyboard can be use to change the pitch and root of the sequences.
This patch send MIDI, you'll need a Usine Bank or a Plug-in to have sound.
Demo on Viméo:
vumeter 4 launchpad (137 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-08-16 00:47:52
This is a simple 8 tracks vumeter for launchpad
POC subpatch auto on off (251 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2018-08-03 15:38:28
this is a way to control FX so they take ressources only when needed, while stopping when not used AND not heard anymore !
joffo tracker for TB303 (37 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-07-08 14:04:32
Another way to program midi seq. Very basic in apparance but in fact very powerfull
Joffo TB-303 with control (341 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-07-07 01:38:02
Just For fun
Try the presets rack
joffo drum rack (348 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-07-06 15:07:52
6 separated elements to generate with synthesis drums elements.
joffo tempo synchronized sampler (78 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-06-27 00:25:25
Hi. This is a very basic but very usefull addons.
It's a sampler which adapt speed of a loop at the master tempo.
by clicking on the wheel, you can adjust some parameters.
X32 Midi and OSC tools (142 Ko)
by LevraiBernardo
Posted on 2018-06-14 10:16:52
Tools to manage X32 mutes and fader volumes from Usine, via Midi and OSC.
Must work with M32, but not tested.
joffo guitar rack (318 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-05-29 14:33:08
a new version of my old addon joffo guitar rack (HH3 compatible)
ParamMux (1192 Ko)
by sm_jamieson
Posted on 2018-03-28 22:55:09
ParamMux (Parameter Multiplexer) is a User Module that allows up to 32 parameters to be multiplexed over a single data wire. A ParamMux module at each end of the wire encodes and decodes the parameters.
All parameter types are supported except for Video. The parameter types are defined in the Settings menu and activated when the module is reloaded. Since the multiplexed signal is actually an array signal, it can be sent through another ParamMux module to increase the number of parameters carried over a single wire.

Some example uses:
- Send 32 colors over a single wire (like an array for colors)
- Send a mix of audio, data, faders, text, etc. over a single wire to a sub-patch

The zip file includes a user guide, example patch and Windows versions of the module for 32 and 64 bit.
Sorry I don't have the means to compile and test for Mac.
joffo aks synthi emulation (550 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-03-18 10:09:11
Not really finished but really fonctionnal. This is a little emulation of the famous aks synthi.
an emblematic synth of the 70's !!!
joffo spread multi delay (868 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-03-03 02:45:43
I made this funny spread delay.
i give it with preset, just try it !
joffo quantize freeze V3 (86 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-02-26 14:24:06
This is a new version of my quantize freeze.
look at this example :
joffo addon pack (389 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2018-02-23 14:24:02
This is a compilation of my last works
You will find some audio effcect like realtime or midi slicer, my quantize freezer and a generative synth. (that also work with vsti pluging) enjoy.
Fade Time DMX (746 Ko)
by grego mondo
Posted on 2018-02-01 13:11:52
A Small Patch where you can fade between preset with
Fade In Time
Fade Out Time
multicanal delay/flanger/chorus (119 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2017-12-25 18:11:22
very tweak-able delay app that can be a flanger, a chorus and many more in as much as 64 canals !
joffopolygransynth (3221 Ko)
by joffo78
Posted on 2017-12-22 13:00:11
This is a new addon named poly gran synth. It's a 8 voices polyphonic granular sampler witch allow to play with any sample and apply a lot of treatments like modify speed, position etc.
Enjoy to try it. I'll try to improve it with lfo and other modulation possibility.
I'd like to take time to make ome presets to.
A little video to demonstrate it :

Apc GrooveBox XL (1120 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2017-09-03 15:37:12
A fun GrooveBox for the Apc Mini, velocity set by fader, pitch, gain and start position of each sampler, sample choice in the list, 16 presets possible by the apc, 8 buses (binds) to set On/Off some FX's patches or plug-ins, all with the apc, and more...Thanks to Thomas Chamotte for ideas and debuging, and Lubomir Drakh Panak for apc scripts.
Fugue Machine 2 - for HH3 (87 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2017-07-21 13:18:45
new version of Fugue Machine. as the previous version written in HH2 is doing strange things in HH3. i patched it again from scratch.
so there are small differences in GUI and it should be les CPU hungry
Touch Fader 1.2 for HH3 (509 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2017-07-21 00:08:59
Updated for HH3 sdk

Compatibe with new quickcolor affect of HH3.
and various slight improvements & bugfixes
ISOMORPHIC Keyboard Beta 0.95 Multitouch Varsion (243 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2016-12-21 13:34:05
this is a multitouch version of isomorphic keyboard,

tho to be usable user has to manually rewire mouse outputs to inputs of module
(sdk multitouch callback don't allow proper multitouch for now, should be fixed in HH3)
ISOMORPHIC Keyboard Beta 0.95 (241 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2016-12-20 16:11:05
Isomorphic Midi Keyboard User Module Layout.

0.95: fixed bug that constantly output midi, optimised midi generation

Module that provide template for matrix array of Hexagonal shapes cellz used in isomorphic keyboards.
CircleSeq v3 (final version) (1664 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2016-10-06 13:21:18
Euclidean rythms sequencer
-reorganised layout
-each track sending their output to different midi chanel
-some global settings in popup window (global steps setup, global midi channel transformation, quantisation of controls - gen, rot, clr)
-hideable track settings (note, base velocity, beats per cycle, number of steps in circle)
Touch_Fader v1.1 (617 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2016-09-17 10:52:03
A custom switchable & highly customizable multi Item tool User module made with sdk
fader, button, switch, encoder, XYpad, , range fader, ListBox and matrix

(unzip to Usine resource\modules\favorites)
v1.1 win32 win 64
(contain a zip with source codes, no need to use exept if wanna compile for mac)
MIDI Message Splitter (4 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2016-08-26 23:57:54
MIDI Message Splitter works similarly to a MIDI Filter however works by selectively filtering the message and send this to one of the MIDI outputs.
Contains Individual Outputs for:
MIDI Thru, Combined Note On/Off, Control Change, Key Aftertouch, Channel Aftertouch, and Pitchbend outputs
MIDI Combiner (2 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2016-08-26 22:48:36
MIDI Combiner works in conjunction with MIDI Channelizer, allowing 16 individual MIDI inputs to combine down into one MIDI Output. Essentially creating a MIDI Mixer, or Combiner.
MIDI Channelize (2 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2016-08-26 22:46:50
MIDI Channelize is a fastscript that takes a single MIDI input and dispatches the message to one of 16 individual outputs based on the incoming channel.
SostenutoSustain (8 Ko)
by shawnb
Posted on 2016-06-04 18:51:24
This fastscript provides true Sostenuto & Sustain and their corresponding interactions with each other. The goal is to make them behave like true high-end grand piano middle & right pedals.

Sostenuto: Basically holds notes whose dampers were up at the time the Sostenuto pedal was pressed. They will sustain until the Sostenuto pedal is released. (CC66) Other notes will release normally. I.e., some notes hold and some don't...

Sustain: All notes are held & dampers are up until the pedal is released.(CC64).

CC64 & CC66 are not passed downstream so they wont get confused with any VSTi logic.
Tempo detector (17 Ko)
by ringmodulator
Posted on 2016-05-02 22:07:45
You just have to connect the "lenght" inlet to the "lenght" outlet of your sampler.
Then, choose the number of time per bar, and also the number of bars of your loopYou just have to connect the "lenght" inlet to the "lenght" outlet of your sampler.
Then, choose the number of time per bar, and also the number of bars of your loop
Circleseq v2 (743 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2016-03-24 15:30:07
Rhythmic sequencer with 6 configurable tracks and euclidean rhythm generator
- bpc= beats per circle
- steps - how is the circle divided
- pulses - how many pulses are in euclidean rhythm
- accents - and how many of that ppulses should have accent (velocity 127)
Spicetone 6Appeal Editor (1180 Ko)
by shawnb
Posted on 2016-01-18 04:10:45
This patch is a parameter editor for Spicetone's 6Appeal distortion box. The 6Appeal is the ONLY fully analog hex distortion pedal out there. It sounds *glorious*.

Note that Spicetone has released an editor as well, that offers full read-write capability. (This editor is write-only.) But this editor is helpful for learning the product, as all parameters are visible on one screen.

CC Generator Multi (64 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-10-24 16:59:12
Based on Hollyhock 1 add-on from shawnb, this add-on provides 4 CC generators with multiple options.
Each waveform is broken up into 4 segments which can be manipulated using various tools. Each of the 4 generators have the option to output to a specified bus, as well as control of which CC and channel is to be used.
SetMidiVelo (1 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-10-24 16:53:09
This fastscript allows you to set the velocity of the incoming and outgoing Midi message. This is useful when driving a scale 0-127 of velocity values with a sequencer, or wanting to precisely change the velocity without using global gain values.
rec_fader (38 Ko)
by nik_ost
Posted on 2015-10-14 00:14:21
record mouse (and touch) movenents to step module and then playback it again as loop. midi/osc, mapped to control also are recorded while tweaking and playback after release
midi_controlled_filter (154 Ko)
by nik_ost
Posted on 2015-10-05 22:15:35
simple 4 bandpass filters, controlled by incoming midi notes (4-voice polyphony)
percSynth (148 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-14 23:22:47
percSynth is a beta synthesizer which consists of 4 vertical lanes.
Each lane has it's own contained oscillator, ADSR, and filter.

These four lanes are then summed into a panSpace where you can draw the spatial rhythm, and finally all outputs are controlled by a volume curve which helps provide the overall groove.

MetronomeSync (4 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-12 18:41:49
Metronome Sync is a basic single tick metronome.
This metronome provides synchro options for click tracking as well as gain adjustment.

Implementation can be used for devices that require a click track such as Teenage Engineering's Pocket Operators. Different synchro options allow syncing divisions for variation of the external clocking.
MIDI Management (5 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-12 18:32:23
MIDI Management is the first installment of a Program Change patch.
The four methods are available for addressing bank changes, CC0,CC32, and Program knobs are available to control depending on how your external equipment works.

Expected future updates include hollyhock instrument file management for patch and bank names, as well as more transparent controls, including automatic bank and method handling.
7 Segment (5 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-10 12:50:45
Fastscript that acts as a 7 segment controller that can drive any switch or LED.
Demonstration patch includes color options.
MIDI Arpeggiator (4 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-09 22:26:53
Simple MIDI arp from the Hollyhock factory library.
Integrated into a patch and ready to use.
panSpace (18 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-09 22:15:32
panSpace provides a trajectory based pan, where Y depth includes a reverb and filter.
This allows depth in panning, as well as various spacial effects.

dampening can be manual controlled, or automated.
ranges are included to modify the filter, pan width, and reverb parameters.
scaled_freq (14 Ko)
by nik_ost
Posted on 2015-09-05 00:43:19
Simple patch that implement scale filtering of note fader input. To be used for frequency inlets in any synths and oscillators
Midi Delay Synthesizer (120 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-04 23:02:32
Similar to MIDI Delay, however incorporates a single adjustable Oscillator, pre or post delay and sync options for the delayed channel.
Midi Delay (12 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-04 22:27:46
Basic Midi Delay with visualization and zoom control
Change Envelope (78 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-09-04 16:08:58
Attack and Release XY for modifying the Envelope of incoming audio.
Includes gain offset, and features auto volume leveler from oli-lab to balance decay/release volume.
Requires Linear VCA 1.0 module from oli-lab.
Morphusine v1 (187 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2015-08-27 12:31:35
Morphusine lets you create an audio morphing between up to 8 parameters of your workspace.
Simply drag the corresponding binds on the parameters you want use.

VST Tools (46 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-08-19 18:22:43
VST Tools is a collection of three sub-patches that provide enhanced functionality for your VST library.

VST Randomizer is a parameter name list-based tool for selecting specific VST parameters that you want to randomize. This allows individual and group randomization with individual ranging options.

VST DaD (or Drag and Drop) is a parameter name list-based tool for applying Quick-Learning capabilities to your current VST Suite. This integration allows a quick drag and drop of the VST parameter to one of 8 interface knobs. With a MIDI learn from the Hollyhock interface, you are able to easily MIDI Learn any VST parameter!

VST Tools is a combination of both the VST Randomizer and VST DaD, built for a single VST Patching interface.

To use the VST Randomizer and VST DaD:
1. Create a VST as you normally would in Hollyhock, and open the edit view
2. Insert the sub patch from the add-on library into the edit view and select sub-patch
3. Wire the two Array and parameter name knobs (Now simplified from previous version)
Stereo Sync Phaser (27 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-08-06 23:48:04
Stereo Sync Phaser
-Provides Dual Channel phasing which can be sync'd
-Sync with odd-timings
-Independent controls and gain
-Dry Gain through
arperc_beta (956 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-08-05 22:52:30
arperc_beta is based of the original arpix and includes the following:
-Percussion based
-Midi Sampler driven
-Built-in Ring-modulator, with internal and external Midi tune control
-Drive the ring modulator by the arperc notes being played
-adjustable MIDI offset, ranging as well as tuning delay to provide skewing
-Built in reverb and pitch transposition and Midi Swing
Delay Filter Mod (68 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-08-05 22:39:32
Delay Filter Mod is an independent Stereo Delay with a few new features over the standard delay.
-Odd-timing sync options
-Delay tail On/Off which allows the tail to bleed off rather than cut the signal
-LFO Filter modulation, by selecting the mod button
-Filter Gain adjustment for set filter settings that decrease in volume
-Memory button which captures the filter setting before the mod, and returns it after mod is disabled
LSeeD (770 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-08-05 22:21:17
LSeeD is a 3 oscillator experimental synthesizer.
-Osc 2/3 can be driven independent and/or mixed as ring modulation
-Definable envelope curves for each oscillator and the filter
-Built-in Sequencer and key control allowing keyboard midi to freq conversions and selection of which oscillator to drive.
-Bit Crusher
-Additional parallel Drive/Clip section
-Independent Stereo Delay section with odd-sync timings
-Stereo Delay On/Off does not cut the signal but allows the tail to bleed off
-Space FX section which provides motion recording, minor-delay, and reverb with independent filters.
-Total Patch randomization
Advanced MIDI Sequencer (37 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-05-27 23:36:48
8 to 64 step adjustable, Range adjustable for MIDI Note Zoom, Realtime Pitch adjustment and Apply to set Pitch from Realtime to Actual sequencer grid. Velocity controlled by Up/Down Volume Controls which retain shape as controlled. If taken to max/min and then reversed the curves will retain their drawn shape. Custom-built Note-Tie length engine that detects the notes relative position and will hold the note until the next one is sound. Allows a legato or more realistic played sound than an average pizzacato-style sequencer. Adjustments of the Floor/Length and Floor Thresholds allow lower and upper lengths to be shortened or lengthened allowing compressed or lengthened notes. Standard pizzacato-style sequencer can be obtained by disabling Note-Tie LED on this page. A Probability engine is also available which allows a ranged probability that the note in the position will trigger. The random meter below shows the current position and whether it is triggering or not. Again a standard Up/Down volume type control allows a modification of the levels without altering the user's curve. All of the sequencer is driven by the Step Clock which is a custom clock trigger which provides Change-Quantizing, which means that time sync can be changed in real-time, but will happen in Sync on the selected Quantize, as well as an Auto-Sync function which allows the ability to take different Step Sync timings such as 48th sync and take partial sequencer playback and resync in step with whatever the Master Syncro is providing.
HH Palette-manager (38 Ko)
by Vincent
Posted on 2015-05-14 01:01:45
For Windows only...
A small utility to change the colors of the layouts or to copy color alphanumeric values, including alpha (transparency) and paste in HH palette.
Bezier Multi (263 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2015-05-12 23:07:26
Creates a canvas with up to 8 Bezier Curves.
with all the usual bezier manipulation stuff.
All curves can output defined size arrays,
A time input (single or array) make each curve act as an lfo and outputs datas.
MX_Midi_Scale (181 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2015-05-04 18:20:43
Allows to set some transposition matrix for custom scales,
and store/recall them via Preset Manager.

edit 5/5/15 reup fixed background
auto leveler V1.1 (648 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2015-04-28 18:55:36
a patch that tames the loudness from a variable source.

included is a modified volume module (VCA) that allows for much more gain than the original volume module....

the VCA has now a build in soft clipping section...
WorphMiz (259 Ko)
by jjbonkers
Posted on 2015-04-27 22:15:13
A polyphonic midi generator tool really that allows you to play in any octave in various scales and keys.
Velocity increases on the vertical axis as well as channel aftertouch if it is enabled via the switch.
Mod wheel on the left does the usual.
Auto Volume Limit 1.0 (21 Ko)
by gurulogic
Posted on 2015-04-25 11:00:49
Auto Volume Limit is primarily an automatic volume control tool intended to be placed at the end of the signal chain as a speaker protection and will prevent the audio output from ever exceeding 0dB regardless of how hot the input signal gets, and without the coloration that may be added by compressors or limiters . It may also be useful for vocal or instrument volume leveling.
(disclaimer: Only lightly tested so far, so use with caution or keep a fire extinguisher on hand if testing the limits on real live speaker cones :)
Bezier_Mapper (667 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2015-04-17 21:32:12
Remaps in to out according to a Bezier Spline

UPdate 18-04-15

Fixed Bezier function tiny bug on end curve.
Added Reconstruct Choice Algorithm with a better/safer new one.
Fixed various init Bugs.
GrainCanvas (194 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2015-04-17 20:49:15
GrainCanvas lets you sequence 5 drawing. These small drawing act on parameters of a grain sampler, speed, grain size and pitch to create unusual sequences.
HSL graphical color selector (user module) (663 Ko)
by 23fx23
Posted on 2015-04-17 05:14:10
allows to pick a color in 2 clic via Hue wheel and XY square for sat/lum.
outputs color and Hexvalue.
should be set size to 400x400 or so.
PolyPlex Sequencer (256 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-04-08 15:05:31
The PolyPlex Sequencer is built around the Native Instruments - Reaktor ensemble called Polyplex.
Although this sequencer is designed in mind to be used with Polyplex, it is completely adaptable to be used in any situation or trigger any sound generator.
The PolyPlex Sequencer provides 8 colored sequencer lanes that can be configured independently of eachother, yet remain in sync. Also included is a ratio-based ms to Sync for odd ratios.
Each lane provides a volume, mute, sync settings, as well as the ability to change playback direction.
Also included is the dual purpose clr button which when double-clicked randomizes the lane pattern.
Each lane note can be configured to adapt, and a host of other options are available for sync reactions.
For Groove applications a point-curve is available to modify the overall velocity gain.
Specific to Polyplex is a scenario trigger. The bottom lane provides a means to trigger different scenarios in effect modifying the sound of each drum kit in real-time.
16NoteRemap (9 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-04-06 23:37:01
16NoteRemap provides a simple interface for converting MIDI notes from a source to destination note.
This utility is similar to a common Drum Map interface, and provides a source knob and remap knob to convert the MIDI notes required to sound a destination generator.
Also included is a pass-thru audio to allow the source generator to mix with the destination.
A velocity gain knob provides an offset value to modify an incoming to outgoing MIDI messages.
This offset provides an overall (+/-) 128 to add or subtract from the incoming messages.

16NoteRemap3 corrects scripting error and adds midi unpacking
Midi Octave Filter v1.1 (960 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2015-04-06 20:19:12
Provides Octave Filtering of standard keyboard.
Individual indicators to quickly detect which octave is being played.
Enable/Disable octave, useful for mapping multiple VSTi to a single keyboard without overlap.
Individual Transpose per octave to allow positioning octaves wherever you want. Ex. Low Bass in upper part of keyboard, while high pitches are located in the lower octaves.
5 Banks for setting specific channels for each octave, as well as a CC enable/disable.
neuRON (73 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2015-03-26 15:51:23
algorythmic pattern generator.
-choose main clock tempo. configure "threshold" - how many pulses should that track generate to fire next step each track
arGRID (699 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2015-03-10 19:23:25
arGRID - AKAI APC Grid Sequencer for rhythms.
version for Novation Launchpad attached as well.
by drakh
Posted on 2015-03-07 23:52:59
ABLETON PUSH style keyboard for AKAI APC MINI, and Novation Launchpad
Launchpad/APCmini utils (5 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2015-03-07 21:17:10
Just set of scripts/patches to use launchpad with AKAI APC MINI patches.
there are two scripts/patches.
First converting MIDI signal from Novation Launchpad, into AKAI APC MINI layout
Secon doing the same but in other direction - from APC layout into Launchpad layout.

As APC MINI has "shift" button and Launchpad doesn't on launchpad, is as shift used the "mixer" button, and the APC's "device" button is ignored.
Euclid (4 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2015-01-09 14:35:17
Euclidean rythm generator helper patch & fastscript.
- steps - number of steps
- pulses - number of pulses to generate
- array representing euclidean rhythm
Keyboard+ (85 Ko)
by Blaakk
Posted on 2015-01-01 09:48:38
A simple utility patch utilizing just the 'Shift', 'Control', and 'Alt' keys, using the order in which they're pressed. For example, pressing 'Shift', then 'Ctrl', and then 'Alt' will set the binds 'S C A', and '3 KEYS HELD' to a value of 1.

Includes data bus binds, and also data output terminals if used as a sub-patch.
UTF-8 converter (3 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2014-12-22 15:12:45
this one won't be useful for everyone, but still it is my pleasure to share !

I had trouble with a QRcode scanner that is reading text encoded either in UTF-8 or ISO8859-1

ISO characters went thru ok but not UTF-8's

Hence this script
CC Generator (186 Ko)
by shawnb
Posted on 2014-12-14 00:31:01
Tired of repetitive LFOs? This patch allows you to build up a more complex sequence from 4 different patterns.

Some enhancements over the original: addressed some UI flakiness & added an ON/OFF switch.

*** Note Sephult has a version of this out there with several added capabilities, including user-drawn curves!
Behringer BCR2000 preset change (7 Ko)
by La Tenaille
Posted on 2014-11-25 10:19:09
This small patch sends sysex to the BCR2000 and changes its preset number.
grain explorer (79 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2014-11-19 17:16:26
allows to scan a recorded sound with a grain sampler.

+ there is a special feature that set the length of the circular buffer at initialisation
cc generator - Sephult Mod (230 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-11-13 05:24:05
Created by shawnb
modified by Sephult (thanks for the inspiration shawnb!)

Adds additional Curve Mapper module per element, Frequency of 1,2,3,4x per user drawn curve, or mapper curve. Additional option to output scalable data bus and on-panel bus naming. Also includes patching for MIDI note input to output as well as output muting to prevent patch modifications when changing CC number.

Advanced Gate (39 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-11-04 21:12:21
Advanced Gate
Preset and LFO based, allows variations in the gate over time as well as an 8 preset panel.
Additional Input vs. Gating monitor is available.
Awesome utility for Drum gating to create different variations.
MIDI Octave Selector (32 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-11-03 20:42:08
The MIDI Octave Selector is a basic MIDI Input mapper that allows a simple distribution or filter of notes to the selected rack. Instead of mapping multiple instrument layovers to specific key-ranges within synthesizers, the MIDI Octave Selector can be placed first in the chain and the associated octave to play can be selected. All non-selected Octaves will not pass the MIDI to the rack's instruments. The LEDS are currently not mapped, but are planned to be mapped in the near future to allow quick identification of the range the input MIDI is triggering.
Arturia BeatStep Companion v1.1 (605 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-10-25 03:09:46
This is modeled after the Arturia Beatstep.
Originally intended for companion control, this device became a standalone
sequencer. Companion control is planned to monitor similar control as when
using the MIDI Control Center.
Rigid Ronnie (1859 Ko)
by Blaakk
Posted on 2014-09-18 09:18:32
Meet Ronnie. This is a patch geared towards grid-locked live audio looping. The first slots length is set dependant on the amount of bars the 'REC' switch is left active for. The other waveform's lengths are set in advance, and the 'REC' [i]button[/i] will trigger recording for the set length (16, 12, 9, 8, 6, 4, 3, 2, or 1 bar) on the start of the upcoming bar. giving the likes of myself that little bit of extra time for an instrument/location switcheroo before recording.

The 'DIV' slider sets the end waveform marker according to the slider value from the default value 1 (0-100%) to 8 (0-6.25%)....... then the left and right button shifts this resulting new length accordingly. The last slot allows for a few compound time signatures.

You can traverse through the waveforms using the arrows on the top, allowing modification of any loop. All loops have their own pan control, gain, mute, reverse, and all (but the top looper) have FX sends. If it exists, the selected/current waveform also pulses to the beat, giving a stronger visual indication of what's what. The current loop counter/indicator automatically advances to the next slot after recording, but the loops can be recorded in any order.

The different record modes are usable, but need much more work. For example, I can append 2 bars onto an existing 2 bars, but I'd then have to quickly increase that loop's length to 4 to stop it repeating just the first 2 bars. Overdub seemed to function ok. Aaaand I've not tried 'Circular Buffer yet..

There's much to improve upon, but it's still quite flexible in it's current state.
live slicer (205 Ko)
by gercha1
Posted on 2014-09-10 10:33:08
live slicer,
you can choose with auto slice or slice when you rec "AUTO" OR "PAR REC"
choose "loop" or "play" if you want to play the slice when peak detection is on

Giv Sync Master (20 Ko)
by MoonSafari
Posted on 2014-09-07 23:30:51
Syncronizes Usine Hollyhock with external gear.
Patch works by calculating the exact BPM of next beat so it syncronizes with the external equipment.

You should connect to the inputs of the patch:
1 - Trigger when receiving midi clock
2 - Trigger when receive START Command
3 - Trigger when receive STOP Command
4 . Trigger when receive CONTINUE Command

I use Midi bus connect from my device to send the info, but i am sure there are other ways.

Feedback apreciated :)

Beta version.
shuffle array (3 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2014-08-25 17:32:20
This is a fastscript to randomly shuffle the data inside an array.
Cross-Fade 2D (87 Ko)
by Vincent
Posted on 2014-08-21 19:23:55
A simple X/Y pad to mix/fade between three stereo audio sources. The X/Y can be "agitated" with physics: just change the physics speed to something > 0.
For low values of the "area" slider, you can have sound gaps between the sources, for high value, you'll have heavy sound. Depends of your sources...
FTP GMS Switch (11 Ko)
by shawnb
Posted on 2014-08-20 06:40:50
Helpful switch for FTP MIDI Guitar users! Helps route MIDI PCs based on your GMS (Guitar-Mix-Synth) setting. This will help you with setting up your FTP rig within Usine HH.
Arkane Sequencer X1 (444 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-07-31 17:43:55
Arkane Sequencer X1:
16x12 Step Matrix Based Note and 16x6 CC Step Sequencer
Vertical Cipher/Rubix style User defined Matrix for creating sequencer patterns
Ability to select columns to scroll together, individual or All in edit mode
Octaver +/- 4 and Octaver Mutes per step
Fade-based Velocity for Note Cells
Many Cycle Quantized Step Resolutions
Scale Output and Note Length controlled by transformer
Vertical Matrix Preset Manager

-Wiki in Progress-
Re Syncro (6 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-07-21 17:29:23
This Patch when placed in a rack provides a re-syncing method.
For those who use Networked computers and have had wandering synch, at the cycle start this fast script will restart the syncro as well as send MIDI start stop clock. This provides a tight resync at each cycle start. All timing will be based on the host bars setup and resync based on the cycle restart. By applying this patch the main Syncro switch will be overridden and control will be done by the patch's ON/OFF switch.
Note this will also affect host-timing based VST devices, as they will be resync'd as well to the cycle start. As an example if a VST drum machine has 4 bars, and HollyHock is set to 2 bars, the slaved VST will still restart at 2 bars and never complete.
AutoFade Stereo (26 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-06-16 02:18:35
Auto Fade Stereo patch that performs auto or manually triggered fades.
The set point fader provides the desired level, while the fader steps can be set by the interval fader or set to increment by the synchro
Leap Controller (62 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-06-14 15:07:50
This is a modified Leap Controller which allows XYZ control of three MIDI CC parameters. Each parameter is selectable on the settings popup. Along with the real time control there is also the ability to specify a MIDI CC to control the Hold for all three axis. A value of 127 will hold the parameters, while less than will release. The All/Individual button is a selection where the hold will affect all three axis, or independent axis can be manually locked.
ART X-15 to Guitar Rig MIDI Converter (6 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2014-05-25 17:47:01
Simple in-line patch for control of Guitar Rig with the ART X-15 footboard.
In effects mode the ART works as an On/Off (127/0) mode where Guitar Rig typically expects trailing controllers of 127 to 0 value. This patch splits the midi path and creates value 127 for all value inputs, and has a delayed 0 value that is created and trailed afterwards. This allows single push-buttons to make changes instead of a two-button press for response.
FCB Boy (506 Ko)
by Blaakk
Posted on 2014-05-22 07:00:29
A simple little interface which allows switching each pedal between 3 mode states.... 'Toggle', 'Pulse' and 'Hold', outputting data, or 1's and 0's.

v1.2 changes:
- Fixed exp pedals output.
- Added Control Panel Bank Selection. Change banks via Control Panel (or OSC).
- Added Expression Pedal 'Couplet Selection'. (Extra buses as above but with exp pedals. Independent of switches).
- Changed LEDs to red.

Set up your hardware FCB patches 01-10 to each pass only the 2 EXP pedals (CC 11 and CC 12), and a single 'Note' message which equals the patch numbers. Ie, 1 to 10. The large combo-select in the display changes all pedals.

Then binds are dragged to toggles for switches, holds for momentary latches and pulses for buttons.
Special Counter (8 Ko)
by se7en
Posted on 2014-05-19 14:51:41
At first use the date X.The In Value must be always triger. Then use the bottom (one Value sub).
This counter goes from 15 to 0
If the new value bigger than memory, the output value changes to the big one. If the new value equal or smaller than memory, the value outpout has `t change.
This patch is helpful to send a midi trigger off in a sequencer.
14 note midi keyboard (147 Ko)
by jjbonkers
Posted on 2014-02-17 19:52:47
Simple 14 note midi keyboard with after touch (increases on vertical axis) . Velocity also increases on vertical axis. Can change the octave, root note and scale using combo boxes on the main control panel.
MultoBlon (224 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2014-01-28 15:01:52
MultoBlon is a multi effects and is made of a simple filter and a delay. The idea is simple: each ball, moved by the physics engine, change 2 parameters of each effect.
The originality of this patch is that you can activate /stop each ball individually and with a fade effect.
Distributions (229 Ko)
by caco
Posted on 2013-12-18 22:49:53
Distributions is a user module that can output random numbers using different distribution types, e.g Gaussian, Cauchy, Uniform etc. Data can be output at audio rate, control rate or when triggered by the user.

An example patch is included so you can visualise the different distribution types and see the effect the parameters have. Note that not all parameters affect all distribution types.
Seslatero (323 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-12-18 14:29:44
Seslatero (hexagon in Esperanto language) is Midi sequencer patch inspired by Euclid sequencers.

It propose 6 sequencers with different settings, like I.R.S (Inverse, roll and Swap), up to 32 steps and of course the pitch of the note played.

In the center 3 balls can alter the notes, manually or using the Usine physical engine.
Sequins 6 (755 Ko)
by ceasless
Posted on 2013-12-13 20:31:18
Sequins is back with a new color and 6 voices! This release also fixes a bug that showed up in the previous version.

More info:

Sequins is a MIDI sequencer. It was designed with drum programming in mind, but can in fact be used for any MIDI sequencing desires thanks to its flexible note length option.

This patch has 4 sequencing lanes, but one can easily change the number of polyphonic voices on the 'sequins core' sub-patch.

Each lane has 32 triggers, a step sequencer for velocity, and two step sequencers for modulation (they emit from 0 to 1 so that they work seamlessly with controlling VST parameters). Each step sequencer can have independent minimum, maximum, and default values and comes with a reset button that will reset to the default value without resetting the triggers. Each lane also has a 'global' reset that will clear all the sequencing data. The note value, MIDI channel, and synchro can also be set independently. Of course, the voice colors can also be easily tailored to your liking.

Sequins uses a custom method to save and recall patterns (rather than the default preset management system in Usine). The current pattern is saved immediately upon the selection of a new pattern and the new pattern will load at the beginning of the next 'synchro'.
Tremoresque (365 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2013-12-12 14:58:12
Sequencer inspired by FXpansion Tremor - mianly its sequencer.
Targeted to be used with drum machines. There are 8 main sequencer lines. Which are stepping in 1/16 note length speed. For each line you can setup the otput note (for controling several drum), and pattern length (maximum 16). The green sequencer in each line controls velocity and yellow sequencer controls probability of the note.
mersenne (168 Ko)
by caco
Posted on 2013-12-11 13:43:51
Random number generator using a Mersenne Twister (see for more information about algorithm). Outputs random numbers either when triggered, at control rate or at audio rate.
Poly Pads v2 (575 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-12-10 15:16:38
Poly Pads use 8 panel image to play some wave files.Each cell can change the pitch on the Y axis and add a vibrato on the X one
Stereo Oscilloscope (521 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2013-12-08 08:50:35
Basic Stereo Oscilloscope in a resizable pop-up window
Adjustable Colors and Grid
Targix (358 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-12-02 16:06:02
A circular sequencer, can be a fun tool for children, several samples provides, send also Midi notes.
Smooth Joggle pack (28 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-11-28 16:37:15
This pack contains 5 examples of patches made with a Smooth Joggle scripts. The main purpose of those scripts is to provide a smooth change of the Sampler / grain Sampler reading position
Parametric EQ (GUI) (45 Ko)
by xX Fiebru Xx
Posted on 2013-11-23 03:08:16
A parametric eq with friendly gui, input/output meters and output volume for level matching. I'll figure out hoe to do the wiki page. It's very self explanatory though. I hope it's useful to anyone.
LXR Command Center (1456 Ko)
by ceasless
Posted on 2013-10-28 22:00:05
Just a huge patch full of 'generic cc send' sub-patches that are tuned and grouped for Sonic Potions' LXR drum synth.

Designed to only send CC's when an input value has changed, this is intended for use both as a "dumb" patch for routing modulation via step sequencers/LFOs/envelopes/OSC into the LXR and as a real-time control surface for the individual settings.

Note: The current version is not 100% complete as it is missing some LFO related CC's and all of the NRPNs. It also seems to take around 10% of my CPU, but there are no spikes during operation so that seems to be the current cost of keeping everything running smoothly.
4DrawLines (274 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-10-18 16:34:35
4 Layers to draw some Midi sequences, only icons to draw, ON/OFF and delete each of them.You can drag your favorite plug-in to replace the current sampler
U-Pad (39 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-10-12 16:59:43
This matrix lets you play and draw some midi notes. It can also creates some Midi drones. This is a demo rack, you can drag and drop your favorite plug-in directly on the sampler patch.
Oblique Strategies (51 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-10-10 15:19:30
Oblique Strategies (subtitled Over One Hundred Worthwhile Dilemmas)
is a deck of 7 by 9 centimeters printed cards in a black container box
created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt and first published in 1975.
Each card offers an aphorism intended to help artists (particularly musicians)
break creative blocks by encouraging lateral thinking.
DJ Sniff (14 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-10-08 16:35:47
Records a part of the incoming sound when you manipulate the speed knob and replay it along with, varying the reading position to obtain a DJ scratch effect.
Play Peak (99 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-10-05 16:08:19
The purpose of this patch is to record/play some short parts of the incoming audio flow and mix them with the original signal.
You can set the time between 2 detections and change their pitch.
midi on my mind (script pack) (8 Ko)
by ceasless
Posted on 2013-09-30 22:32:53
A handful of scripts that may come in handy for working with MIDI and array values in Usine.

I'll include just the list here for brevity, check the wiki page for a more details.

- MidiMux
- MidiPlex
- Midi Switch
- Dispatch to Pattern
- Pattern Store
- Index of Changed Array Value
- Toggle Amongst Many
- Pass Changing Array
Midi Tessel v0.1 (185 Ko)
by nay-seven
Posted on 2013-09-30 17:03:48
Inspired by the Monome appz named Tessel by sleepersecond, Midi-Tessel ( is a second version of a Launchpad patch, this time with 7 midi sequences. Each sequence have its own Midi channel, you can sets start and end for each sequence, add FXs and more.

Have a look at its wiki page here to learn more and how to use it...
Pulsed-Trigger Event (14 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2013-09-27 13:02:51
This Sub-Patch is an Event Control which provides an adjustable pulse width based on a triggered button input. This can be used for a timed pass to trigger several other Pass-Event flows for a specified amount of time. Use in conjunction with Pass-Event on the output to facilitate a "Make & Break" data flow.
Mouse-Over Example (268 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2013-09-24 04:42:09
This example workspace demonstrates the detection of the mouse (x,y) to update an LCD, or Information Text Panel for display.

This method is very useful in keeping a minimal footprint, while still displaying helpul and intuitive instructions or parameter info.
Odds and Evens (2 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2013-08-06 01:50:52
This FastScript has three functionalities. IO bypass, Evens Only Out, or Odds Only Out.
Currently set at max resolution for IO @ 127 steps. Using for limiting MIDI resolution in current application, but very useful in other places with slight modification.

1=Odds Out
2=Evens Out
Decimal to Binary FastScript (8 Ko)
by sephult
Posted on 2013-08-02 22:06:28
Decimal to Binary Converter.
A FastScript to convert a decimal input to 32 bit binary representative outputs.

Originally made to use list box selections to control multiple binary based configuration such as complex switching/routing.
Utilizing callback procedure to limit use, script runs only when a detected change of the input is made. Easily demonstration by wiring as shown in the picture description using a SeqSwitch w/32 faders and attached to the output bits.
Simple Slicer (2270 Ko)
by drakh
Posted on 2013-07-12 18:07:24
As the names says. Just a simple slicer. Set up how many beats your samples contains, how many equal slices it should be sliced to, the pitch and you are ready to mashup amens in a simple way.
totalisator galore rev 2 (336 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2013-07-06 15:54:23
script and user module
incremental utilities (8 Ko)
by oli_lab
Posted on 2013-06-10 17:33:41
a set of highly specialized scripts to increment or decrement a value with buttons or switches...

different flavors to suit different purposes :
- algebric summation of incomming data (from a data wheel for example).
- manual value incrementation from two buttons (from a joypad...)
- auto increment from switches.
zip file contains .pat for Usine 5.8 and Hollyhock