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Build your own music environment for live and studio recordings.

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Usine Hollyhock

Usine Hollyhock is a unique piece of software which introduces several revolutionary concepts.
Usine is dedicated to live music and real-time installations.

Also it’s a modular environment, which means that, even if you can find many ready to use examples, the main goal is to create and customize your live set to fit it exactly to your needs.
Usine is different but finally you’ll realize that it is one of the most powerful audio software you can find.

The ultimate DAW

Usine is the ultimate Digital Audio Workstation made for live or studio.
Usine Pro is designed as a flexible software solution for spontaneous electronic music creation, including live sampling, effect processing, and sound design.
Usine can to host VSTs/AU, process and route audio or midi, and design personalized virtual control interfaces.

A huge ready to use library

Usine Hollyhock library offer you more than 100 ready to use audio FX and generators to process any live instrument or audio sources.
You’ll find classic FX like delays, filters, panoramic and granular tools, but especially some creative and innovative effects you don’t find in any other audio software.

A powerful timeline

The Grid is perfectly adapted to create complete projects for a solo performance, a band, an interactive installation, or even to create a full score for a video using SMPTE synchronization with our new Video Player.
All racks can be triggered at a precise time and can last as long as you want. Each line has independent durations, and any of the controls can have an automation curve assigned them. Only current, grid-activated racks become visible. This means that your vision is not polluted by unnecessary items.

400 built-in modules

Patching made easy with a collection of hi level modules covering a large range of possibilities. Read More

Ultra flexible library

Around 100 ready to use generators and FX to process any live instrument or audio sources. Read More

Creative extended library

A set of originals and creatives patches with advanced modulation options. Read More

VST and AU support

Full integration of Audio Unit and VST plugins in a totally transparent audio chain. Read More

Powerful timeline

Organize precisely your live set with the timeline grid. Read More

Intuitive interface

New and modern interface, made as simple as possible. Read More

64 channels surround

Powerful surround audio buses and included a complete and flexible 5.1 library. Read More

Artnet/DMX support

Full Artnet/DMX protocol integration to provide advanced and professional light systems. Read More

OSC (Open Sound Control)

OSC made easy with OSC learn on all controls and the with lister module. Read More


All controls can be synchronized on SMPTE source and follow a precise timeline. Read More

Video player

Launch and synchronize video's directly for an incredibly versatile all in one live set. Read More

Native multi-touch

All controls are natively multi-touch let you to play live with a touch screen. Read More

350 addons

Shared by the community to boost your creativity. Read More

Customizable interface

Create your personal design and layout without any restriction. Read More

Physical engine

Build fun and responsive effect with the built-in physical engine. Read More

Share patches on the lan

Your lan parties at a glance with innovatives network patch sharing capabilities. Read More

Artists with Usine

A selection of videos

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They talk about us

“An open-ended production and performance environment for open-minded musicians, this one’s different, demanding and utterly delightful. Making music Usine Hollyhock II is a deep and deeply entertaining experience.”
Computer Music/ issue 220

“The fabulously-innovative Sensomusic Usine combines modular sound powers with multi-touch you can use on high-performance laptop/tablet hybrids.”
Peter Kirn, www.createdigitalmusic.com

“Usine Hollyhock is a mature project, with a GUI neat and pleasant to use ... Olivier Sens gave a personal color to his patches with a 3 stars audio engine for rendering ... was a great moment testing it and I can only urge you to do the same if you are looking for a high class modular environment.”
Christine Webster, Keyboard Recording

“What if your DAW were completely open-ended and modular, allowing you to send audio and control anywhere, and control from any device – including touch?”
Peter Kirn, www.createdigitalmusic.com